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Stanford Archives

Best and Worst of the Golden Globes

By Katherine Cheng
January 28, 2013 - 2:42am


Do's and Dont's for Surviving Dead Week

By Allison Otis
December 4, 2012 - 2:22pm

1. DO download SelfControl.  Can't seem to work with five minutes without checking Twitter or Facebook?  Simply download the app, enter your "forbidden websites," and voila!  Bye bye, distractions. 2. DON'T start a new television series.  If you're anything like me, one episode quickly turns to five then ten.  Save yourself the time and just wait until after finals to start that new show. READ MORE

Catwalk to Campus: Stanford Bookstore Chic for $40 or Less

By Roxanna Reaves
November 13, 2012 - 4:30am

  Going to a California school has obvious perks—great weather, great diversity, and great opportunities. Still, there's another perk that's often overlooked too…great fashion! Stanford students have great style, and the Stanford apparel definitely reflects that by offering beachy pieces designed by Hurley and preppy outfits by Brooks Brothers. But dannnngg are the prices can be steep! Fortunately, HerCampus has compiled a list of 7 items of clothing that won't empty your wallet.    1) Plaid Flannel Pajama Shorts ($18.95) READ MORE

Gabby Momah '15 and Robbie Dela Cruz '15

By Allison Otis
November 5, 2012 - 1:04pm

  Allison Otis: What is your position in the Black Student Union? Gabby Momah: Freshman Intern Coordinator   Robbie Dela Cruz: Freshman Intern Coordinator   AO: How did you get involved in BSU? GM: Last year's Freshman Intern Coordinator personally invited us to BSU Freshman Convocation, which provides an insight to the purpose of BSU on Stanford's campus. Haven't looked back since! READ MORE

Dormestic Godess: Brownies (in the Microwave)!

By Katherine Cheng
November 5, 2012 - 12:46pm

  Not only is this a fun activity to do with a group of friends, but also you completely eliminate the hassle of using and cleaning a massive amount of equipment or utensils. Hot, gooey, dark chocolaty brownies in a few short minutes using the microwave and simple ingredients? We can call them Brownies A La Anytime. The fact that these brownies provide instant gratification and that they may be too easy to whip up is a wondrous thing (or very possibly a bad thing…). While having 4 a day is not recommended, feel free to indulge once in a while. READ MORE

October Cardinalscopes

By Roxanna Reaves
October 10, 2012 - 8:00pm

(March 21-April 19)
Aries chicks are so spontaneous. Your friends think of you as a super exciting person with so many ideas. October is your primetime to do what you do best—get involved in some event planning! Only Aries has the creative spark to throw an all-campus event that will really draw everybody. But make sure to follow-through, you tend to have a problem with things that take too much of your attention. READ MORE

Uché Uba '15

By Allison Otis
October 10, 2012 - 8:00pm

Hometown: Portland, OR
Major: Human Biology & Iberian|Latin American Culture
Activities/Interests: Volleyball, Diving, Rivers/Hiking, Planning parties, Partying How do you feel about being nominated for Campus Cutie?
I didn't know we had it! I'm humbled actually, kinda cool. If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?
Either Obama, or my future wife, I'm pretty sure she's fun and awesome, it'd probably go well. READ MORE

Lucy Davis '15

By Allison Otis
October 8, 2012 - 8:00pm

It's the little things that make Stanford what it is, oh like finding out that girl down the hall has published a book, co-founded the next-big startup or competed in the London Olympics.  And that's where Lucy Davis comes in!  After casually mentioning in class she'd be absent for the Olympic trials, I knew Her Campus had to sit down to find out more and voila! When did you first start riding horses, and how did you get into it?
I grew up around horses and have been on horseback since i could walk but i formally started taking lessons around age 5. READ MORE

Hey, It's Okay: Stanford Edition

By Allison Otis
October 8, 2012 - 8:00pm

Inspired by one of my favorite sections in Glamour magazine, where they essentially air out all the weird little things we're thinking and let you know, hey it's not just you, we have created our own "Hey, it's okay" list! Hey, it's okay... READ MORE

Omnomnom: Mayfield Café and Bakery

By Elizabeth Rosen
October 8, 2012 - 8:00pm

This summer, I decided to go where no Rosen has gone before, a daring and frightful land of responsibility, energy, and hormonal teenagers. That’s right: camp counselor for Stanford hopefuls otherwise known as EPGY. Every couple of days, I found myself wanting – no, needing – nothing more than to escape the high school madness and collect myself in the outside world over a hearty brunch and my newest summer reading conquest (The Beautiful and the Damned). Don’t get me wrong, it was an amazing bunch of high school students, but… high school students. Yeesh. READ MORE