• How We Elected Eminem

    I'm like a head trip to listen to 'Cause I'm only giving you, things you joke about with your friends Inside your living room The only...

  • Meet Ashley Lau

    Stanford University
    United States

    Lau? More like wow. At Stanford almost everyone you meet is exceptional in one way or another. Ashley is exceptional in almost all of the...

  • The 10 Unit Class of Dating

    Stanford University
    United States

    The week of New Student Orientation at Stanford is, for many, a blur filled with vague recollections of trying too hard to impress new...

  • Younger Than Springtime

    Winter at Stanford is notoriously the worst. It’s cold(er than usual) and sometimes it rains. If that wasn’t bad enough, classes are also...

  • October Cardinalscopes

    Aries (March 21-April 19) Aries chicks are so spontaneous. Your friends think of you as a super exciting person with so many ideas. October...

  • Uché Uba '15

    Hometown: Portland, OR Major: Human Biology & Iberian|Latin American Culture Activities/Interests: Volleyball, Diving, Rivers/Hiking,...

  • Lucy Davis '15

    It's the little things that make Stanford what it is, oh like finding out that girl down the hall has published a book, co-founded the next...

  • Hey, It's Okay: Stanford Edition

    Inspired by one of my favorite sections in Glamour magazine, where they essentially air out all the weird little things we're thinking and...

  • Sasha Arijanto '14

    When she's not online shopping (where else can you score amazing colorblock Giusseppe heels?!), hanging out with her Alpha Phi sisters, you...

  • Hookup Do's and Dont's

    If he likes you, he’ll let you know. Always end a phone call first. Don’t accept a last minute date. Okay, so some of those may be good...

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