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Holiday Gift Guide

Posted Dec 6 2012 - 11:20am


Left all your holiday shopping until the last minute? Of course you have! What with Christmasfest, end-of-semester tests and now finals coming up, the majority of Oles are booked - not booking it to the mall. Click on for smart suggestions (all under $30!) fitting for anyone on your list. I've got your profs, father, mother, brother, sister, grandparents, boyfriend and best-friend covered! Happy gifting! (Adorable gift tag below from Sugar Paper).

For Your Profs

Nothing beats the thoughtfulness and care conveyed by a homemade present. This year, why not surprise your favorite profs with some holiday treats? Peppermint bark, fudge and cookies are easy to make and a gift they are sure to love. Also, the ingredients won't cost you much and you can always go halvsies with a friend who also wants to deliver holiday goodies around the Hill.

Recipe for Peppermint Bark; Recipe for Candy Cane Fudge; Recipe for Gingerbread Men!

For Your Father

Dad is often the challenge on any girl's holiday gift list. Dads just don't ask for much, as my own father and my friend's fathers have proven. Often, my not-so-brilliant gift ideas comprise the usual supsects: a wallet, a watch, cologne, a book or DVD. There's nothing wrong with these ideas (maybe one will inspire you) but these are my go-to gifts for Dad each year. This year, I wanted to do something different! The Art of Shaving at the Mall of America was my first stop. A luxury box of the Art of Shaving shaving cream is only $25 and comes in many different scents!

For Your Mother

Moms are hard to shop for, though at least, they're not as difficult as Dads. My best advice is to get her something she actually wants. To do this, you first need to ask her! For years, my mom put up with gifts of Santa Claus figurines that my siblings and I would buy at Yankee Candle. True, she liked them well enough, (we really liked them) but did she ask for them? NO. (Granted, we were all under the age of 13 when we gifted these Santas, so I blame my father's misguidance). Anyway, now that you've asked Mom what she wants, you're all set. If you really want to keep it a surprise and can't think of anything, my go-to is always a bathrobe. That's if you're willing to spend a little more. If you want to keep things under $30, check out Teavana. They've got beautiful tea pots and aromatic teas that would make a nice gift. And their Teavana Perfect Tea Maker is only $19.95!

(P.S. Hey Mom, I know you're reading this right now and I did not get you a bathrobe for Christmas this year! Or tea. Or a tea pot.)

For Your Brother

If your bro is any bit like my bro, he doesn't like to get dressed up. (He's a bro). Still, the fact is, he will have to look nice for some occasions - and fast! Think holiday parties, the upcoming family get-together, New Year's Eve celebrations, religious days etc. To help him out for these upcoming festivities, why not get him a tie? Even better, a really cool tie! Currently, American Eagle has some funky knit ties (that aren't itchy) for only $17.95. If you think he's more of a bow-tie man, check out H&M. Last weekend at the Mall of America, I spotted a lot of unique ones!

For Your Sister

Whether she's 10 years old or 30 (or any age in-between), chances are your sister would love a nail-polish set for the holidays. I know mine would. This December, Target has some dazzling options (I'm also dazzled by their prices!). Their e.l.f. nail polish cube comes with 14 pretty polishes for only $10! That's a steal. 

For Your Grandparents

Lets face it - grandparents are always sentimental. I can't name one grandparent (my own or a friends') who doesn't love showing off photos of their grandchilren, from birth to college-aged. Delight them with a thoughtful gift such as a picture frame. Don't forget to include a photo of you, or you and your grandparent/s!

If you have siblings, you can all chip in and give a gift of multiple frames, such as this beautiful set of three frames from Papyrus for only $20!

For Your Boyfriend

Reedemable "tickets" - either purchased or hand-made - are a fun holiday gift for your significant other. You can give him two real tickets for a date night for the two of you for the movies (keeping you under a $20 budget for two tickets, $9.50 each at Lakeville Cinemas) or you can make him a fun ticket for a gift of your choice. Some ideas include: "Reedemable for one 30 minute back rub," "Reedemable for one home-made dinner," "Reedemable for an afternoon of skiing," etc. Have fun with it!

For Your Best Friend


An Infinity Scarf is the perfect gift for any girl's best girl friend. If her style is cosy and casual or even hip and trendy, you can find an infinity scarf that suits her taste. The best part about this gift? It certainly won't break the bank - or even dent it.

This sparkly blue one is only $10.80 at Forever 21!

Holiday Gift Guide