• Spring Break Survival Kit

    School is fun and all, but nothing can beat when Spring break rolls around. Though it may only last for about a week, there is always some...

  • Meet the Correspondents

    St. John's University
    80-00 Utopia Parkway, Jamiaca, New York, 11439
    United States
    40° 43' 26.2344" N, 73° 47' 33.2844" W

    Loraina London-Calderon Position: Co-Correspondent, Editor-In-Chief Age: 20 Major: Journalism with Spanish minor Hometown: San Fernando,...

  • The Red Zone and You

    The Red Zone is defined as the first six weeks of a college freshman’s time on campus, from the beginning of classes until about Thanksgiving break, in which they are most vulnerable to be sexually assaulted.

  • Trump-1.jpg

    Hillary is NOT the only option left

    Let me preface this by saying that my personal candidate of choice is Bernie Sanders and where he wins the nomination or not, I will always...

  • Best On Campus Study Spots

    It’s that time of year again, we’re all in a mad scramble to turn in any late assignments before the end of the semester. We can see summer...

  • Ashly Mirador '17

    1477782_918483204853710_2126219989792551135_n.jpg Name: Ashly Nair Mirador Hometown: Hayward, CA Year: 3rd Major: Legal Studies Favorite...

  • Trump-3.png

    Her Story vs Donald Trump

    One collegiate tells us her story. *Disclaimer* The views expressed in this piece don't necessarily reflect those of Her Campus at St. John's, St. John's University or Her Campus Media.

  • A new record!

    Yesterday many of our writers participated in Relay for Life and contributed to the record setting amount of money that was raised this...

  • Campus Celebrity: Ben Achilles

    This week’s Campus Celebrity is one of the most creative and fashionable individuals to walk the halls of SJU. When he isn’t stealing deals...

  • Andrea Colombo '15

    IMG_2280 (2).JPG Name: Andrea Colombo Birthday: The 23rd of November 1995 Hometown: Milano, Italy Relationship Status: Single Major:...

  • Dating-4.jpg

    To The Guys Who Cheat:

    Do you not realize what you are doing to the girl you claim to love? When—not if—she finds out, how will you look into her watery eyes and claim that CHEATING on her was a “mistake”?

  • music-7.jpg

    Which Music Festival Are You?

    Summer is just around the corner and so are music festivals! Be sure to check out what music festival you fall under here! Glastonbury-...

  • spring-10.jpg

    5 Things to do this Spring in NYC

    It is the first week of April and that means more people out and about roaming the streets of New York taking in the beautiful warmer days...

  • fun-3.jpg

    Single Friend Struggles

    Being the single friend is never comfortable when you get stuck being the third wheel or in worse scenarios the fifth wheel. The casual tag...

  • Jack Virga '18

    Where are you from? Germantown, Maryland What is your major? Psychology/Criminology & Justice 5-Year Program; Pre-Medical Requirements...

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