This Year's 3 Best Winter Vacation Hotspots

Winter Break is fast approaching and bringing the holidays along with it. With Christmas comes time for family, community and bonding. Thankfully after that is New Years, and who wants to spend the countdown to the new year on the couch?

 Take this golden time just after mid terms but before final exams to research a trip with a few friends or significant other to an amazing location. In this gorgeous wide world of ours there’s certainly a destination for every potential jet-setter, though there tend to be a few popular spots.

As a young person who has traveled inside and outside the United States, here are some reviews of well known vacation spots I have visited.

1. The Bahamas

One of the most popular getaways for college students is Nassau, Bahamas. I went to the Bahamas for my 21st birthday and had an absolutely amazing time. The beaches are made up of soft, white sand and the ocean is so clear you could see to the bottom. The sea had the added benefit of being much saltier and therefore easier to float in than the beaches I’m used to in Mississippi, which is quite a relief to a poor swimmer such as myself.

 It is, of course, very expensive to go which means that early planning is an essential. Remember to be on the lookout for deals or group purchase options, which can help a thrifty college student save precious cash.

2. Atlanta

If you prefer to stay stateside, a fantastic option for a week away is Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is only a six hour drive from Hattiesburg, which in most cars is two tanks of gas at most, and has an amazing night life. There is something for everyone in this booming city; wine bars, relaxing pubs, all night raves, drive-in movies, historical tours, the largest aquarium in North America and more!

 With careful planning and online shopping an inexpensive hotel or hostel can be secured and an amazing time can be had. I had a blast shopping, eating exotic food and going out dancing. In this metropolis dubbed “the city in the forest” there is no end to amazing things you can do.

3. Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you’re tired of warm weather (this is Mississippi, who says it’ll be cold in December?) then you can soothe your sunburn in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan. Snow, brisk winds and many layers will be in your future if you choose to head north over the winter break and enjoy the chill.

Ice skating is a readily available and inexpensive way to spend time with friends, and curling up in front of the fire on a fuzzy rug with your significant other can be quite enjoyable as well. Just don’t make my mistake and assume the winter coat you bought down South will work just as well in northern Michigan. You don’t know cold until you truly go and experience it in a place where winter comes in September! Head to Ann Arbor, Michigan and you may be lucky enough to see one of several ice sculpting competitions where contestants enter beautiful and impressive art pieces on display.

Winter break is a great time to travel, but to make the most of your time, start planning (and saving) now. Check out for more travel inspiration.

Brittany Elizabeth, better known as Lizzie, is a student aspiring to major in Advertising who is feeding her love of writing with a minor in English and a place in HerCampus Magazine. Lizzie enjoys cooking, video games, reading, and cartooning.

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