Collegiette Shopaholics: The Thrills and Frills of Shopping Online

“When I shop the world is better, the world gets better.”

Sound familiar? Well, it’s a quote from the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, but if you love to shop then you probably feel the exact same way when you hit the mall, especially when it comes to shopping online. Some might say that online shopping is the best thing invented since dresses with pockets; however, online shopping has its risks as well.

When purchasing items from the web, one of the great things you don’t have to worry about is someone else having the exact same item as you. If you’re a person who gets really bugged when someone has the same shirt, dress or shoes as you, buying online is your best option. “I like shopping online because I always find what I’m looking for in more variety than what I can find in the store,” says Southern Miss freshman, Tineka George. It’s true! Online stores are guaranteed to have a product in more than one color, size or style than what you find in a local store, which makes it so much easier to spot exactly what you’re looking for online.

Some shoppers like to online shop is because often times the price for a product online is cheaper than in the store. Also, unlike many local stores, some online stores offer promo codes, coupons or some kind of deal to make your purchase a lot cheaper. “I would rather shop online than in the stores because I hate when there’s a crowd of people,” says Southern Miss sophomore, Candace Pickett. “I feel like the people get in my way, and I can’t shop like I really want to.” Too many people being in the store while you’re trying to shop can make you feel like you’re rushing your shopping experience. You should to take your time while shopping, but you can’t do that if you’re elbowing someone or stepping on a foot while browsing in a store. With online shopping, you don’t have to worry about crowds, and you can browse as long as you like without feeling like someone is in your way.

On the other hand, when purchasing items online it is very important to remember the frills, or risks, as a result from online shopping. Identity theft is the most common issue when it comes to online shopping. Of course, whichever website you buy products from will ask you for your basic information like, name, mailing address and phone number. However, if a website asks for your social security number then forget about ordering anything from that website! Asking for your social ID number is a RED FLAG!! Most websites do ask for credit card information though. For security purposes they usually ask for verification code, which is the three numbers on the back of your debit/credit card. Also, when shopping online make sure you’re not using a public network because it makes it easier for hackers to get information that is needed to steal your identity.

Online shopping is very convenient. It has several advantages like wearing clothes none of your classmates or co-workers will have, buying your products at a cheaper price or taking all the time you want to shop. Just don’t forget about the trappings that come along with shopping online.

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Photo Credits: SpoilledPretty.Com