6 Things to Make You Smile During Finals Week

Whether you’re reading this article in the library during a study break, or in your bed after a long day, or during class, everyone needs a little mood boost now and then. This time of year can be especially tough for all of us with finals and final projects finishing up, so here are just a bunch of things to bring some joy to your day. Enjoy! 


1. This guy professed his love for his girlfriend under anesthesia: 

2. Just a bunch of hilarious memes: 


Image via Buzzfeed


3. How can you not smile at funny videos of dogs? 

4. What’s cuter than dogs? Babies! 

5. Nothing better than dogs that look like their owners: 


Image via Elite Daily


6. Facts to make you smile: 


Image via Buzzfeed


Good luck with finals and have a great summer! 


Dalya is a junior at SMU studying Advertising and Jewish Studies. Before transferring to SMU in January 2017, she attended Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. She is on the SMU Hillel board and is the social media coordinator for Intergem Fine Jewelry at Dallas Market Center. She is a proud born and bred Texan, an amatuer foodie, and takes her coffee black. 

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