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If you ask any North Campus student about their favorite part of the morning, you’ll probably get the same enthusiastic answer each time: “riding the bus with Jim!” Our inter-campus shuttle driver, Jim Trombley, is an integral part of the Saint Mike’s community.  As a North Campus commuter myself, I have enjoyed getting to know Jim, and was thrilled to conduct a Campus Celebrity interview with him. As the kind and caring person who gets us to our classes safely and on time, we truly can’t thank him enough.
Upbeat and optimistic, Jim starts everyone’s day with a greeting. He tries to get to know each of the students on a more personal level, and often chats with his passengers. His favorite part of his job is being with the students: “No question there!” He thinks that everyone at Saint Mike’s is terrific to work with, and he wouldn’t change a thing. At this point in our conversation, Jim had stopped the shuttle in front of a residence hall, and about twenty people boarded. “Hey, Mary. Hey, James. Good morning…” he continued to greet every student by name. Though it is a daily routine, Jim and the North Campus students are always delighted to see each other—even if it’s early.
“I have to admit it,” he confessed. “I’m not a morning person.” Although the first shuttle pick-up is at 7:45, he doesn’t mind it. In the summer, Jim and a few other shuttle drivers work on the grounds crew, and need to begin work at 6 AM. While that certainly doesn’t sound ideal to us college kids, Jim has adjusted to his early mornings quite well.
Jim was born and raised in Burlington, and he loves the area. While off-duty, he enjoys going to Lake Champlain, especially in the summer. He is an avid runner, and he loves biking and kayaking with his family. His daughter, Christine, just graduated from Saint Michael’s this past May with degrees in Psychology and Business. “I’m so proud of the fact that she graduated from here,” he said. “Ever since she was a little girl, she’s wanted to go to Saint Mike’s.” 
Jim is going on his 14th year working for Saint Michael's College. Before coming here, he spent time working with quality control in the Air force. He had unfortunately been laid off from a career at GE, so he began driving limos and tour buses, and eventually moved on to Saint Mike’s. The students were happy to have him, and he has much the same to say about us. He says he can tell that we are here because we really want to be.
“Saint Mike’s students are the greatest in the world…they have respect, intelligence and consideration. I feel their love.” 

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