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As the end of the semester draws near, infamous finals week creeps closer. Despite the stress of writing papers, finishing projects, and studying for finals, your fashion doesn’t need to suffer! Check out our tips to look & feel your best during the last week of the Fall semester! Good luck!

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Alex is a junior at Saint Michel's College and is pursuing a degree in business administration. Alex is from Massachusetts but loves beautiful Vermont (minus the freezing cold, snowy winters)! She loves being involved on campus - besides running the Saint Mike's Branch of Her Campus, she is a tour guide and blogger for her college and a mentor to a second-grader. Alex plans on studying-abroad in Ireland and would love to move to Boston or New York City after graduation. She is uber passionate about social media and marketing and hopes to attend business school in the future. In her free time, Alex enjoys baking, taking naps, going to the movies with friends, and telling jokes about pirates.

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