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Finals Fashion

Posted Nov 28 2012 - 12:00am
Tagged With: SMCVT Style Blog

As the end of the semester draws near, infamous finals week creeps closer. Despite the stress of writing papers, finishing projects, and studying for finals, your fashion doesn’t need to suffer! Check out our tips to look & feel your best during the last week of the Fall semester! Good luck!


A classic! Comfortable, warm, and of course school-spirited! There’s no better way to stay warm!

Yoga Pants

As every collegiette™ knows, yoga pants are so comfy! While they won’t help you stay alert in your last week of classes, they will allow you to curl up and study, study, study!


Look good and be cozy! Sweaters are sure to keep you warm and they look oh-so classy!


Another way to stay insanely comfortable. While we don’t suggest these for 8 AM class or late night study sessions (they’re so comfortable they’ll put you to sleep!) they’re perfect for spending the day in the computer lab while finishing your final project.


Not only is it a Vermont staple, it’s also incredibly warm and comfortable! It’s easy to dress in layers in flannel, with a tank underneath and a fleece on top, that way you’ll look your best, but will also stay toasty warm while studying in the library!

Finals Fashion