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  • Caroline French '16

    Meet Caroline! Year: Sophomore Major: Psychology Hometown: Greenfield, NH Single or Taken? Single Favorite Movie: Safe Haven Favorite Song...

  • What is your favorite winter drink?

    Hot Chocolate
    64% (7 votes)
    Lattes, Mochas, and Espresso
    18% (2 votes)
    Herbal Teas
    9% (1 vote)
    Good ol' plain coffee
    9% (1 vote)
    Total votes: 11
  • Mike Check

    Mike Check members as pictured above: Back row: Dan Russell ‘15, Sean Morrissey ‘16, Ben Carroll ‘17, Jake Trackey ‘14, Ben Lane ‘16 (...

  • Jeremy Landry '15

    Meet Jeremy Landry! Jeremy is truly one of the best people on the SMCVT campus! He's always willing to give a hug, have a great talk, and...

  • Brianna Saunders '14

    Meet Brianna Saunders! Bri is a one of kind girl, always amazing people with her many talents and social skill! Being a leader of so many...

  • Meaghan Diffenderfer

    She's a sloth lover, she's a Global AIDS activist, and she's this week's Campus Celebrity. It's the one and only Meaghan Diffenderfer! What...

  • What's your favorite thing about December?

    0% (0 votes)
    Making snowflakes
    0% (0 votes)
    Reuniting with family and friends
    0% (0 votes)
    Counting down to Christmas
    0% (0 votes)
    Looking forward to winter break
    0% (0 votes)
    Eating holiday food
    0% (0 votes)
    Shopping for gifts
    0% (0 votes)
    Listening to holiday music
    0% (0 votes)
    Total votes: 0
  • Taylor Williams '15

    Meet Taylor Williams! Taylor is truly one of the best and brightest on the SMCVT campus. With her beautiful singing voice, hilarious humor...

  • Pros and Cons of Internships

    So you wanna be an intern? Cool, we did too! We devoted a portion of our semester to going off-campus and enhancing our skills; watch out,...

  • Acapella Concert Week!

    Event Date & Time: 
    Wed, 12/04/2013 - 19:00 to Sat, 12/07/2013 - 16:00
    McCarthy Arts Center
  • Justin Salls '14

    Meet Justin Salls! Justin is one of the leaders of the most talked about new club on campus, Active Minds. Justin is one of the nicest guys...

  • Eli Diebold, '15

    Name: Eli Diebold Birthday: April 18, 1993 Year: Junior Hometown: Northfield, Vermont Major: MJD with a minor in Medieval Studies...

  • Black Friday Style Steals

    Thanksgiving is about giving and surrounding yourself with the people you love, but the day after can sometimes sneak its way into one of...

  • Changes to Cosmo & Why We Love It

    When I say Cosmo, you think...dating advice? Fashion spreads? Sex tips? Some call it shallow, but I love the magazine for what it holds,...

  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

    Turkey, of course!
    0% (0 votes)
    0% (0 votes)
    Green Bean Casserole
    0% (0 votes)
    0% (0 votes)
    0% (0 votes)
    0% (0 votes)
    50% (1 vote)
    0% (0 votes)
    Pumpkin Pie
    0% (0 votes)
    Apple pie
    0% (0 votes)
    I love all of it!
    50% (1 vote)
    0% (0 votes)
    Thanksgiving food isn't my favorite
    0% (0 votes)
    Total votes: 2

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