Reform Pilates: Tone Up with this Downtown Studio

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Pilates teacher and Skidmore alum, Meghan Delprete, owns Reform Pilates, a Pilates only studio in downtown Saratoga. As a Pilates purist, Meghan has a beautiful state of the art studio in the heart of downtown Saratoga. Her studio not only offers a clean space for the typical mat classes, but also presents the chance to use specialized Pilates equipment and machinery to enhance the workout even more. She welcomes local students into the studio to learn Pilates and improve their workout routines. HC was able to talk with her to learn more about her past with Pilates and the opportunities she offers for Skidmore students.
Her Campus: How did you get into Pilates?
meghan delprete reform pilatesMeghan Delprete: When I was a student at Skidmore, I was a dance major. I started taking the Pilates mat classes in the dance department and right away, I was hooked. After a Pilates class I felt taller and stronger. I couldn't believe how much my body changed and I was able to use muscles I had not been able to find before. Dancing felt so much different! I continued with Pilates after graduating and started to work on the apparatus. I had a job at a graphic design firm, but was not happy sitting at a desk all day, so I decided that I had to figure out a way to get certified to teach Pilates. Since then I have been lucky enough to teach at Skidmore, and work with all types of clients at my studio in town. I feel like I have the best job in the world!
HC: Tell us a little bit about the history of Reform Pilates. How long have you had the business and how has it evolved over time?

MD: Romana’s Pilates certified me in 2005. When I started teaching I was in a small space and taught by myself all day. I wanted to expand and decided to move to 18 Division St. in July of 2009. The larger space allowed me to get more apparatus and have other teachers working in the studio. At True Pilates NY where I was certified there are a lot of amazing instructors, and you learn something new from each of them. I really wanted to give my clients the same experience here in Saratoga.
HC: What are some of the services you offer at Reform Pilates?
We only teach Pilates, and all of the instructors at the studio were certified through Romana's Pilates at True Pilates NY. I feel strongly that this is the best program out there. We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of Joseph Pilates' original work. We offer private and semi-private sessions of different lengths and small group mat and Tower classes, which is a combination of mat work and apparatus. We also have a boutique area with Lululemon, Athletica and Pilates accessories like mats and DVDs.

HC: What is the best part of Pilates?
MD: How good it makes you feel. You have to try it to know, but it’s hard not to become addicted once you do! Pilates is a way to keep your body strong and flexible without spending hours in the gym. It’s a great tune up for your body for whatever else you do (or don't do i.e. you hate working out) with it, and is something you can do for the rest of your life. We have several clients in their 80's at my studio and they are stronger than some of my college students! There is also a major mental component to Pilates. Although there are over 600 exercises, I could do the same few every day and never get bored. It is all about the details, and I love that.

HC: How can Pilates help people in their day-to-day life?
MD: Pilates is a workout that is tailored for your body with the goal of strengthening what is weak and stretching what is tight to create balance. Injuries often occur because the muscles around a joint are not balanced, pulling it out of alignment. Because it is all about body mechanics, Pilates is a great method of conditioning for anyone from top athletes to people that sit at a desk all day. It is a safe workout to do when you are injured and will help to correct the problem that caused the injury in the first place, so that’s often what draws people to Pilates initially. 

HC: How can Skidmore students take advantage of your resources?
MD: Because I have been lucky enough to teach at Skidmore I have been able to get to know a lot of students in the classroom. A few have done independent studies to prepare for entering the certification program, and a few work for me now. Teaching my classes at Skidmore is one of the best parts of my week!
HC: What do you see for the future of the studio?
MD: I would like to keep teaching the best Pilates possible. I would like to get some more apparatus and bring in some of my favorite teachers from NY to give some master classes, and I’d like for all of us to keep learning to be better teachers. The more I learn about Pilates the more I realize how big the work is and I feel humbled. Joseph Pilates said you should always learn one new thing each day. With Pilates, there is so much to learn that it will never get boring. 
Fitting an exercise regimen into a college schedule is no easy task. Between going to classes, studying for exams, writing papers, grabbing meals, and maintaining some semblance of a social life, finding the hour or so to walk down to the gym or go for a jog becomes almost impossible. Luckily, Pilates can keep you in shape and keep your workouts interesting while sacrificing the least amount of time. If you’re in the search for a studio, make sure to check out Meghan’s home away from home or simply, check out her classes on campus!