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Start Early! Time to study for finals

Posted Apr 15 2012 - 7:40pm

With less than a month left until Summer officially starts, its that time again: FINALS!

We still have four weeks of school left, but with the ridiculous amount of projects, papers and work that SFA professors choose cram into the last month, its best that you begin to study now! Dont wait to Dead Week, (which is very much so alive) to study for several subjects. Here are some tips to start getting ready now!


Actually Study!

While this may not seem like a secret and a no brainer to just about anyone who reads this article, there are people who do not study for their finals.  We have all been there- "studying" with 4 tabs on our computer screen- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Tumblr. (And hopefully Her Campus!) Unless you absolutely need your computer to study, go to a quiet place and study the old fashion way, a little music, the textbook and your notes.

Avoid the library!
Wait? We have a library? Most students stay out of our library unless they are printing something or are there for a class. Like clockwork, in the last weeks of class, people flock to the top floors of the library to "study". Club Steen is NOT the place to be for finals. Neither is your favorite coffee house. These usually quiet places turn into social gatherings fast during finals. Keep the study session in your room- or in one of the study rooms in your dorm.

Don't try to get by
This one is simple-don't wing it. Some geniuses can get away with going into finals week without studying and ace their tests. However, chances are, you arent that genius. At the very least review your notes.

Do well year round
Kinda late for this one, but try and do well year round. You dont want to have to do the "can i make it" math at the end of the semester. You know what I mean, thinking "well I have an F in the class now, all I gotta do is make a 97 on the final to get the C". Chances are you wont magically understand the material or the class that you have been failing all semester.

Get some sleep
Sleep gives your mind the time to process everything you've been studying. Dont skip out!

Keep these tips in mind when studying for finals and good luck!


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