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Next week's Homecoming preparation could not been possible without the preparation of this week's Campus Celebrity organization, The Traditions Council.

"The Traditions Council promotes and preserves SFA's rich history and traditions," according to their SFASU organization webpage. "These students host events and spirit rallies that showcase SFA Traditions throughout the year including coordinating SFA Homecoming! The hard work and efforts of the Traditions Council members connect students to important aspects of campus life and assist students in achieving the full lumberjack experience."

There are many activities prepared for our students to engage in on next week, and The Traditions Council has worked countless number of hours to make this year's Homecoming a success! 

Statements from last year's senior and Traditions Council President, Danielle Tharp, sums up the interaction with the council in a nutshell. "I love TC, and I love traditions, and I love SFA."

To join this great organization members have to meet the following requirements: 

Member Requirements
- Weekly meetings: Tuesdays 8:00 p.m.
- Office Hours: 1 hour per week
- 2.25 GPA Requirement
- Volunteer hours for sponsored activities such as Homecoming, Run for the Ring 5k and more!

We're excited about the events planned for Homecoming and grateful for all the hard work and dedication the Tradition Council places into making these events successful. 

"Homecoming is not just one tradition, but a series of traditions that bring Lumberjacks one and all together to celebrate SFA," according to the SFASU Homecoming webpage. "During the week, the campus welcomes home its alumni and friends with the traditional bonfire and pep rally, homecoming elections, Duck Dash, downtown parade, football game, and much, much more!"

If you have any questions about the group or would like for them to do a presentation on University Traditions, call (936) 468-6721 or email at sfatraditions@gmail.com.

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