The 5 Stages of Finals in GIFs

1. Denial: finals is actually upon you?? 

2. Anger: You have to stay on campus longer because you have finals. 

3. Bargaining: with God (or any deity) to let you pass your finals. 

4. Depression; because…you may not have done your best on your final.

5. Acceptance:  Despite finals happening, you did your best, and that’s what matters in the end. 

(All GIFs are Courtesy of giphy, and BTS Animo) 

Bri Bell is a writer for SFASU Her Campus. She currently a Junior. She is also an Art major, with a concentration in Digital media. She also has a minor in creative writing!

Bri Bell tends to write about things she is passionate about whether that be about music, literature, politics, or even random anime recommendations. She is fairly easy going about what she writes, and attempts to stray away from any topics that could have any/all triggers.

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