Wild Wild West: The Annual Malley Bash

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Nov 8 2012 - 6:00am to 8:00am
Malley Fitness and Recreation Center


Hey there, y’all!  Get ready for the annual Malley Bash!    This year’s theme is “Wild Wild West”, and every cowboy and cowgirl that attends is sure to have a fantastic time. 

Hosted by RLCA and Campus Recreation, this event includes raffle prizes, free T-shirts, pizza, and drinks.  Malley Bash also includes an intramural 3-point shootout tournament and a dodge ball tournament.   Want to get in on the action?  Check out the Facebook group for information on how to sign up.

Don't put that Halloween costume away just yet:  Malley Bash has costume contests for both best individual and team costumes!   Get out there and strut your stuff!

This year’s event is taking place on Wednesday, November 7th at Malley Fitness Center from 9pm until midnight.   Get pumped for this year’s fun by checking out this video of last year’s bash.

So mark your calendars, round up your posse and head over the 2012 Malley Bash.  You don’t want to miss it!

Photo Sources: Facebook.com

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