Catch a Star! SCU Student Recital

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Nov 28 2012 - 3:00pm
Recital Hall

When somebody tells you he or she is a music major, you’re automatically impressed.  In your mind, you picture them bent over a piano scribbling notes into a composition, or belting out a song you thought only Celine Dion could master.  You think to yourself “I wish I could see them perform!”

Well your wish has been granted.

On Wednesday, November 28, our school’s talented student musicians are coming together for the SCU Student Recital: Catch a Star!  Part of the Music at Noon series, the recital will feature a repertoire that includes everything from today’s pop hits to Beethoven’s classic symphonies.

The performance will be held at 12pm in the Recital Hall of the Music and Dance Facility (the building across from O’Connor and next to the Mayer Theatre).  Admission is FREE!

Take a break from the miseries of dead week and see SCU’s finest musicians in action!  You won’t be disappointed!

For more information on the recital and the other Music at Noon performances, check out the Music Department’s website.


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