Homecoming Outfit Ideas

Homecoming is the best time during Football season. St. Ambrose will have many events leading up to Homecoming, the day of, and after. Click for the full schedule

Don't forget to show school spirit for tailgating and during the Football game. These are some outfit ideas to go with the Homecoming shirt you may have purchased. If you have not purchased a Homecoming themed shirt, you may use any SAU top or gear. 


1. Skirts 

You and your friends better skrt skrt to the game September 30th. Denim skirts have become so popular this year. Skater, suede, lace or leather skirts can be other options if you don't have a denim skirt. Skirts can be easily found at any store this time of year! You can dress down the girly look with a pair of Converse.


2. Jeans / Leggings 

If you're a simple gal, jeans or leggings are as simple as it gets. Accessorizing up top can add more to your basic pants. Wear your favorite sunnies, choker, or earrings. 


3. Pop of color 

Add more color to your outfit by finding fun stripped socks or shorts. Be bold with the red lipstick and incorporate the Bee mascot as a sticker on your cheeks or a denim jacket patch! 


4. Dress / Overalls 

DIY time! Buy a oversized t-shirt from a local Wal-Mart or Michaels, you can wear it as a t-shirt dress or make it into a cut-off dress.... no farmer's tan line please, amirite? You can find cute bee logos and letters for "SAU" to iron press to the shirt. Design it however you want. This will be the cutest DIY project and "bee" prepared for compliments ;) 

If DIY-ing isn't your thing, you can throw on some overalls and call it a day! 



Skirts | Jeans / Leggings | Pop of color | Dress / Overalls 


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