College: How to Survive Long Distance Relationships

1.) FaceTime as often as possible!

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You both might always be busy, but making time for this will help a lot.


2.) Send each other letters or care packages.

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    You can always go back and read the letters when you really really miss them.


3.) ALWAYS make future plans to see them.

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This is always important. You’ll have something to look forward to when things go wrong, and the motivation to keep on keepin’ on.


4.) Get involved with your school, and hang out with your new friends!

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    This will help distract you, but it helps build your new relationships too!


5.) It’s okay to cry.

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    Sometimes it just gets to you, and that’s perfectly healthy. If you don’t cry, then it’ll just hurt you more in the long-run. So go on, cry it out.



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