Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

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It’s finally October, which means Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween costumes from the store can be very expensive, let me just say no thank you. As a college student i'm always looking to save a few bucks. Here are some costume ideas that hopefully won’t break the budget.

1. French Maid 


This costume is cute, and so easy. You need a black dress, (or a black shirt and skirt), and a white apron, and if you’re feeling extra bring a duster. You can get a white apron for $6.74 on Amazon. A feather duster is $5.99 on Amazon. From Halloween costume stores, a French maid costume can retail for up to $70 from the Halloween stores. 

2. Angel 


For this cute, stylish costume all you need is a white skirt, and a white crop top, or a white dress. Another thing you need are angel wings, which are around $13 at Walmart. An added bonus to this costume is the makeup, you can play it up, or keep it simple. You can either get rhinestones for your face which can be found at Michaels, or you can be extra with the highlighter. From a Halloween store and angel costume can retail up to $50. 

3. Boxer 

Get ready to be a knockout, with this costume. All you need is a sports bra, shorts, and a boxing robe. For the boxing robe I suggest getting a plain robe, and printing out the Everlast or Title boxing logo, and tape it on yourself! A plain robe costs around $10 from Amazon. This costume is already great, but for the final touches give yourself a black eye, or bruises around your face to really sell it. 

4. Zombie

This is a super easy costume, all you need is a cheap oversized t-shirt, and fake blood or red paint. You can get a pack of white tshirts for around $9 from Walmart. You can also get a bottle of fake blood for around $5 from Walmart. You can also use the fake blood to put on your face, and make fake cuts! 

5. KISS Member 

For this rockin' costume all you need is a band tee-shirt, shorts, and fishnet stockings. You can find a KISS t-shirt for around $8 on Amazon. Don't forget to be extra with the black eyeliner, and add a star around your eye! Go forth, and rock on. 

With any of these costumes you'll be ready for a great Halloween! Happy Haunting! 


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