Campus Cutie: Sean Prendergast

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Ladies, ladies, reLAX, this Lacrosse cutie has enough love to go around! This week’s Campus Cutie is Sean Prendergast.

10989151_10204022927753389_8531774156678189336_n.jpgName: Sean Prendergast

Hometown: Evergreen Park, Illinois

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology and Sociology

Campus Involvement: Lacrosse, Sociology club, Dance Marathon.

Relationship status: Single

Dream Career: To be a stay at home dad.

Why he loves St. Ambrose: 70% girls, 30% guys.


Why he loves to play Lacrosse: “It’s where I get to be myself.”

If he had to describe himself in 3 words: Funny, Charismatic and Reliable.

Celebrity Crush: Brooke Davis

Favorite Netflix series: Gossip Girl

Favorite Food: Pizza, especially deep-dish from Chicago.

Would you rather be good looking or rich?: “Well I am already good looking so I am going  to have to go with rich.”

Biggest turn on in a girl: “Intelligence, so I know that I can rely on being a stay at home dad.”


Biggest turn off in a girl: Smokers

Ideal date night: Crashing a wedding

Best pick-up line: I am not a photographer but I can picture us together.

If you had to bring only 3 things on an island, what would it be and why?: Erin Petersen because love, a fidget spinner for amusement and old pictures to look at.

If you had only one day left, what would you do?: I would want to spend the day with Blake Lively because I love her.

If your life was a song, what would the title be?: Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartoris,


All photos courtesy of Sean Prendergast.


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