• Ways to Keep Warm During Winter

    Winter is officially here, as of December 21! Here are our favorite activities to keep us warm in the cold weather. Exercise Blankets Comfy...

  • Best Holiday Themed Foods

    Mint Hot Chocolate There is an abundance of candy canes now, so it’s a great time to break a piece off and throw it into some hot chocolate...

  • Chris Kay

    Meet Chris Kay! Chris is a Good Neighbor Liaison and a member of the Scarlet Honor Council. Q: What is your major and you minor? A: I'm...

  • Finding Comfort During Finals

    Finals are stressful! Take a look at some of our favorite activities to unwind and make us feel better during finals. Netflix Grabbing food...

  • Holiday Traditions

    Keeping with Polish tradition, we always celebrate Christmas Eve. We have dinner with family and friends. We read a passage from the Bible...

  • Finals Playlist

    Finals are upon us! This week of the semester can feel like the worst. But have no fear! This year, we decided to create a playlist to help...

  • Adults Can (and do) Watch Cartoons!

    Cartoons are often looked down upon because they’re thought of as “only for children.” We watch adult shows with real people in order to...

  • Orion Farr

    Name: Orion Farr Year: 2018 Major: Materials Engineering Hometown: Sparta, NJ What do you do in your free time? Shop for ugly sweaters What...

  • Holiday Survival Kit!

    Winter break is so close, yet so far away. But to make the time go by faster, we have a few products that will help the days go by faster and help you feel more ~fabulous.~

  • Tips for Throwing a Holiday Party!

    There’s something really nice about having all your friends over and having a good time before finals begin. Here are some tips on how to...

  • Joyce Van Drost

    Has her own Youtube channel, joyofmylife. Director of Marketing for HackRu, Secretary of WIC (Women In Computer Science), Member of RUPA.

  • How to Destress During Finals

    Remember that finals are only a temporary miserable time of our young lives and it really isn’t the end of the world (although it feels like it is).

  • Easy Gifts to Give

    DIY Nail Polish Mugs! All you need is a ceramic white mug, old nail polish (which I know we all have tons of!), and a bowl of water! Such a...

  • Pipeline Protest

    This past Tuesday, I participated in a National Day of Action against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Across the nation, protesters organized...

  • Josh Roshal

    Josh is a senior from Staten Island graduating with a degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and pursuing a Certificate in Chemistry Education. After graduation, Josh will attend Robert Wood Johnson Medical School as part of the competitive seven year BA/MD program. Congrats!!

  • Gifts to Get your Squad for the Holidays!

    Thanksgiving is basically over, so it is time to think about the holidays (if you haven't been already)! It seems like every year, your gift list just get bigger and bigger. To help you save time, here are some great gifts you can get for your squad!

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