• Darfur: A Forgotten Genocide

    As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” We must remain hopeful and confident that there will be justice for the many victims of Darfur.

  • Nachum Fisch

    I might end up doing something random like deep sea diving for pearls or something.

  • The Best Things About Rutgers

    While mostly everyone at Rutgers is a stranger to me, the diversity and general acceptance of individuals from all over the world showed me that everyone has a place at Rutgers.

  • Top 5 Pokemon GO Hot Spots on College Avenue

    College Avenue is not only the heart of Rutgers New Brunswick but also the campus with some of the best locations for catching Pokemon. So, what better way to get to know College Ave than by visiting these 5 Pokemon GO hot spots?

  • Henessa Gumiran

    Henessa is just one of many student activists who aim to increase awareness and bring betterment.

  • Where is Home?

    Never in my life had I experienced such a shift in different emotions all in one week. I went from being happy, excited, partying with new friends, to a sad, lonely girl just trying to figure out what was actually home . If this week is any indication of what the next four years will be, I would say that I’m ready for the adventure.

  • Sorority 101

    So it’s your freshman (or sophomore) year of college and you’re asking yourself, should I join a sorority?

  • Freshman Year in Review

    1.png Yesterday was the official end to my freshman year at Rutgers. Almost everyone you speak to will tell you that your first year at...

  • Jeet Panchal

    Meet Jeet! He's graduating this year, but his time at Rutgers isn't over just yet.

  • Goodbye Books, Hello Summer!

    IMG_3594.JPG The end of semester trip to Barnes and Noble to return all the semester's books always marks a definitive end of school and a...

  • Dana Cai

    Name: Dana Cai Major/Minor: Accounting/Math Year: 2018 Hometown: Ambler, PA (wooooo out of state) Relationship Status: In a relationship...

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