Sammi Says: Stressed About Finals

Dear Sammi,

I have so many finals to worry about next week, it’s insane. I don’t know how I’m going to find time for everything…and I’m not even excited for summer because I’m so caught up in my work! How can I find a balance?



Dear Stressed,

Take a few deep breaths…Everything will work out. You’re not alone this week—trust me! We all go through finals week, but we all come out alive and ready for summer vacation!

Try to plan a schedule of things you want to get done each day, sorting them according to length, complexity, importance, and dates. For example, if you have a huge final on Tuesday, study for that before you study for your test on Friday. Work on that long essay before starting the smaller one. Sit down and study or write until you can’t think anymore. Set a time to stop; and when that time comes, actually stop. Do something active or enjoyable for a little, then come back and continue.

Do not take on too much each day and plan rest time as well. Go to the gym, see some friends, call mom, take a nap—treat yourself! You’ll be at the beach before you know it!


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