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Purdue Blog

5k Color Run: The Most Colorful Race on the Planet!

By Brittany Cole
April 13, 2012 - 7:00am

As an avid runner, it’s always fun to find races to participate in. I originally had heard of the 5k Color Run and wanted to participate in the Chicago event. Unfortunately, it had already been sold out. However, just a week ago, my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to do a Color Run as an event to start the day off for our friends’ Bachelorette Party. I told her how excited I was and that it was a great idea, but wasn’t it sold out? Luckily, to my advantage, they added Indianapolis as a part of the tour on July 28! We signed up on a team called ‘Last Fling Before the Ring’.  I cannot wait for the pictures! I think this may be one of the neatest things I’ll ever witness and be a part of.

Essential Pieces Every Woman Should Own

By Brittany Cole
April 6, 2012 - 7:00am

Being in college, you learn really quickly about ‘go-to’ pieces. Sometimes things come up whether it is a wedding, an interview, or a presentation. I have found a few essential items that I have felt are necessary to own not only for college, but also for your future endeavors. It will shock you how much use you will get out of these pieces!  I have looked up online some great websites and have found some wonderful pieces to help you get started. Happy shopping!!
1. The Perfect Black Dress: Nordstrom’s ‘Jersey Shift Dress’  $98

Hairstyles: Sometimes Change is Better!

By Brittany Cole
March 30, 2012 - 7:00am

I have had relatively short hair pretty much my entire college career. When I graduated high school, I had long, luscious locks. I was inspired to be adventurous that summer and make a change—perhaps due to all the upcoming changes college would bring, and I got an angled bob. I must say that eight inches is a lot of hair to see on the floor, but I also have to admit that I have absolutely loved that hairstyle—I still love it! It’s really great when you find a cut that works for you. However, four years later, it was time for a new change. I have been trying to grow my hair out (slowly, but surely), and decided to dye my hair and auburn red color. Some people get so nervous about hair and change, but I think I secretly like the uncertainty....

Polyvore: How to Become a Trend-Setter

By Brittany Cole
March 23, 2012 - 7:00am

Recently, my roommate put on her Facebook that she did her first ‘Polyvore’. I have heard about the website, but became more interested as I saw her mash-up of her ideal outfit. If you are unaware of what Polyvore is, look no further because as of yesterday I was clueless as well. I am no longer a newbie as of today, due to the fact I have already created four collages-- I am already addicted to this ‘online shopping guide’. READ MORE

Nike's 'Make Yourself': A mindset to get you through your greatest accomplishments.

By Brittany Cole
March 9, 2012 - 7:00am

Spring break is almost here and most of you have either done workout videos or hit the gym to get that spring break body. What about the rest of you, who has done this stuff everyday? Do you just go to go? What are your reasons? Maybe if you are like me, you grew up playing sports and you like staying healthy and active. Or perhaps you just picked it up because your friends invited you to go to a workout class with them and you enjoyed it. Whatever the reason is, it’s simply great that you are doing it! However, how about those further goals?

Colors to Die For: Must Haves For Spring

By Brittany Cole
March 2, 2012 - 11:25am

There is nothing better than walking into a mall and seeing walls full of color after a dreary winter. In my opinion, I can only handle so much gray, black, and grey—bring on the color wheel! Clothing, jewelry, shoes, you name it, the beginning of spring is a fun time to shop. So I’ve taken the liberty of looking online (as if I haven’t already looked before, haha!) to find my favorite spring picks! Perhaps this will make your spring shopping a little easier!
BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jean – Persimmon Pants by Urban Outfitters $58

Common Beauty Blunders & How to Fix Them!

By Brittany Cole
February 24, 2012 - 1:00pm

You are getting ready for class and you are in a hurry. Naturally, something just has to go wrong and in my case, it’s usually a beauty blunder! A smudged nail, mascara all over my eyelid, bleeding lipstick, you name it—it’s happened.  With my past experience I have pretty much mastered the quick fix to some common blunders and am going to share with you all today my quick fixes!
Mascara Glitch

Nike Training App: Prepare to Work Out & Fall in Love

By Brittany Cole
February 17, 2012 - 7:00am

As I was in bed a few months ago, I was playing around on my iPhone in the App Store, and I came across a new and free app called ‘Nike Training Club’. As part of a new campaign called ‘Make Yourself’, which is dedicated to women being fit, Nike has released this app for iPhones. I eagerly downloaded it. Let me first say that I have always been pretty athletic, with a track background—vigorous workouts was something I was used to. I am always looking for something new and challenging, especially when it’s cold and you don’t want to go outside. Ladies, after one workout, I couldn’t walk.

Have Contiki, Will Travel - Win the Trip of a Lifetime!

By Ameara Harb
February 14, 2012 - 11:27am

It’s safe to say that for most of us at Purdue, studying abroad is part of our college plan. But even with a study abroad plan in the works (or behind you), when Spring begins to peak through the clouds, the travel itch starts, and dreaming about an epic Euro-trip or an Australian adventure becomes a daily distraction when struggling through our oh-so-boring lectures. But planning a trip abroad can be scary, time consuming, and let's not forget--super expensive. Lucky for us, Her Campus has partnered with Contiki, the #1 travel company for young people, offering over 200 guided tours and pre-planned trips in 40+ countries, exclusively for 18-35-year-olds—all for amazingly low prices!...

Brittany's Blog: Sultry Swimwear

By Brittany Cole
February 11, 2012 - 2:27pm

Well readers, it’s that time of year. Have you noticed how packed the gym is? Clearly the New Year’s resolutions are happening in full force. Perhaps it was because the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit magazine has come out. How we all wish we could be toned, bronzed beauties rolling around in the sand beautiful as ever, and then some. Whether you are already in great shape, halfway there, or just starting, the most important aspect it just to stay healthy and true to yourself! You are as beautiful as you feel—confidence is everything! The fun part is picking out the swimsuit!