Lessons for LinkedIn

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‘Tis the season for job searching, collegiettes. As you polish your resumes and iron your outfits one last time before the career fair, remember that the quest for employment extends past your initial meeting.

Countless businesses now turn to the social networking site, LinkedIn, to scope out potential employees. In order to be taken seriously, it is key to make sure you know what’s appropriate. Read up on these dos and don’ts to earn your place as the Emily Post of the social-networking world.  

DO: Ask people to clarify specific skills or examples when writing your recommendations.

Why? “Allie was the first to find a solution whenever a problem arose,” goes a lot further than, “Allie was a great worker.”

DON’T: Only ask for recommendations from places you worked at for more than six months.

Why? It’s important to make sure your bosses know your work well enough to write you the shining recommendation you deserve.

DO: Return the favor.

Why? The Golden Rule applies to LinkedIn too.

DO: Keep your profile picture professional.

Why? You’re looking for a job, not a date or a friend to hit the clubs with. Ensure your photo reflects this message by choosing an appropriate picture with a neutral background.

DON’T: Connect with people you don’t really know.

Why? Be sure to only request people you have met before and who will remember meeting you. Otherwise, you might put them in an awkward position.

DO: Make your profile SEO friendly.

Why? SEO = Search Engine Optimization. This means including key words on your profile so that your name appears when employers are searching for someone to fill a specific position.

DON’T: Use the messaging option on LinkedIn as your main form of contact.

Why? Your message will likely be looked over unintentionally or marked as spam. Most people include their e-mail addresses on their profiles, so this should be your go-to form of communication. 

Good luck girls. Happy hiring.


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