Ten Spring Must-Haves for Your Wardrobe

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It’s officially spring and time to change up your wardrobe! If you’re like me, then you are more than ready to ditch the boring neutrals, heavy jackets, and black leggings.  It’s spring time, and you need some color in your life!   Lucky for you, designers agree, as colors are brighter than ever and worn in fun, unconventional ways.  This color blocking trend can be achieved with items already present in your closet; basically, just layer a bunch of colorful pieces together and voilà!—super stylish. As for other hot spring trends, not everyone already has the key pieces that will take their wardrobes to the next level.  Fortunately, the transition can be easily made with the addition of only a few items that you can mix and match, dress up or down, and style to make them your own.  I’ve compiled a list of ten must-have pieces to create your warm-weather wardrobe:

  1. Chambray shirt-It’s a bit strange to think of 20-something trendsetters and celebs running around today in the same thing your mom used to wear in the 90s. There are some trends of the 90s that I hope to never see again. (Does anyone remember mom jeans?!) However, the chambray shirt has come a long way, and I am happy to welcome its return.  This comfy button-up can be worn with just about anything, but you can be extra stylish by pairing denim with denim.  Just remember to wear your chambray shirt with jeans in a darker wash than your shirt. (Available from Gap, Old Navy, and J. Crew.)
  2. Long maxi or midi skirt-It’s no secret that low hemlines are in style, and the good news is that there are so many ways to wear a long skirt.  You can wear a colorful maxi skirt with a plain white tee and look like you just stepped off the runway at Jil Sander. Have fun with pleats or show off your legs with a sheer skirt.  The possibilities are endless! (Available from American Apparel.)
  3. Cropped shirt-Attention! Bare midriffs are “in” again! When I think of bare midriffs, I again recall fond memories of my childhood in the 90s, the days of Britney Spears, S Club 7, and the baby tee phase. Well, this trend has returned, although in a slightly more conservative way.  Rather than putting your whole tummy on display, the way to wear the cropped shirt is with something high-waisted, whether it be pants, shorts, or a skirt.  You can play with proportions and wear your cropped tee with a maxi skirt.  (Available from H&M and Forever 21.)
  4. Flared 70s style jeans-We all love our skinny jeans, but flared jeans are making a huge comeback! Flared jeans are universally flattering and when worn with platform sandals or wedges, make you legs look extremely long.  Flattering jeans that make your legs look long? What’s not to love?! (Available from Gap and Nordstrom.)
  5. Trench Coat-The trench coat is a classic staple for every season, but it’s especially important in the spring, when it’s chilly but not cold enough for your winter jacket.  Leave it to Burberry to remind us that the trench is still chic, especially when dressed up with a wide belt or edgy embellishments. (Available from H&M and Macys.)
  6. Bright bag-This season, color is not limited to only clothing items; bright accessories are making a big splash as well! There is no better way to finish off an outfit than with a bag in a happy color. Switch out your normal school bag for a tote in your favorite color or maybe in one of spring’s hot colors—citrus hues.  A bright bag is sure to keep you smiling all the way through finals! (We can dream, can’t we?) (Available from Urban Outfitters and Asos.)
  7. Flats-Now this is something I know everyone already owns.  Here’s the exciting news: fashionistas everywhere are embracing the stylish and comfortable flat shoe. The most popular style right now is the flat with a platform, especially the espadrille platform. What does all this mean for you? It means that you can continue to wear your ballet flats and flat sandals and know that you are also on trend at the same time.
  8. Bangles-Chunky, bold jewelry is popular this season, so it’s time to start stacking those bangles! Layer a bunch on each wrist and mix and match materials (gold, wood, prints, patterns). Wearing all those heavy bracelets also doubles as a workout for your arms! Just kidding. (Available from Forever 21.)
  9. Cat-eye sunglasses-Lately I have seen so many pictures of celebrities wearing a pair of cat-eye sunglasses by Elizabeth and James.  This 50s classic is like the new wayfarer, which means that pretty soon, everyone will have them.  If you don’t want to splurge on glasses, you can find cheaper versions form Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.
  10. Metallic Belt-If you’ve opened a fashion magazine at all this spring, chances are you’ve seen the famous gold metallic Gucci tassel belt.  Perhaps Spring/Summer 11’s hottest accessory, this belt is everywhere. The appeal of this belt, however, is completely understandable; it embodies the tassel trend that is also hot right now, and it ties a color blocked outfit together perfectly.  You can use a metallic belt when color blocking, or you can wear it on top of a boxy blazer to cinch the waist and create a feminine silhouette.  (Available from J. Crew and Gap.)

There are a lot of trendy items on this list. The challenge here is to avoid looking like you’re trying too hard to be trendy.  The way to rock a trend is to take one trend that you like and make it your own.  Use your awesome personal style to wear any of the items on this list.  For example, if you’re more of a minimalist, wear your midi skirt with a basic, neutral top and skip the jewelry.  If you have an edgy style, take cues from Rihanna and wear a printed crop top with black leather leggings.  Or, if you consider your style feminine and romantic, wear your chambray shirt with a high waisted floral A-line skirt, and finish with ladylike jewelry.  You can make any trend fit your style by wearing one trend at a time and wearing it with whatever is already in your closet! To build your ideal spring wardrobe, choose your favorite items from the above list and have fun thinking of all the ways to wear them during the coming months!