Groovy, Baby: Your Ultimate Guide to Dance of the Decades Outfit Inspiration!

With the second half of the school year doing anything but greeting us nicely, there is only one thing most students look forward to at the beginning of the new year: our infamous Dance of the Decades. The only time when it’s socially acceptable to don clothing from a different decade (or perhaps even a different era, or millennia!), Pilots all across campus are brainstorming which they’ll arrive as this year to the Crystal Ballroom. Well, fear not, mistresses – Her Campus Portland is here to inspire you to dress your best! Find inspiration for all of your favorite decades through these pages – we’ll start with futuristic, and weedle our way all the way back to the caveman days.

Find your decade in these pages: Futuristic - scroll down; 2000s - page 2; 1990s - page 3; 1980s - page 4; 1970s - page 5; 1960s - page 6; 1950s - page 7; 1940s - page 8; 1930s - page 9; 1920s - page 10; Ancient Greece - page 11; Cave men / women - page 12.


For a futuristic look, think sharp edges and metallics – like our favorite 90’s Disney movie star, Zenon! Find shiny leggings in almost every color at American Apparel, like these, or find legit metallic ones here. Need kicks to go with your outfit? Check out some of these futuristic shoes for inspiration! For your hair, think edgy as well - don't be afraid to go with something a little weird for a hairstyle. Being futuristic isn't about looking classy or good - it's about being trendy!


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