Iconic Christmas Movie Looks: How To Wear Them Today


There are so many iconic moments in fashion that it’s hard to hone in on our favorites.  From Audrey's classic black dress to Marilyn’s scandalous yet elegant white dress, stars like these make huge impacts on the transformation of our own wardrobes.  With the Christmas season quickly approaching, I’ve chosen iconic Christmas movie looks from some our favorite Christmas movies and scenes that could make anyone standout.  Here’s how to take these looks and wear them at your own upcoming Christmas party or outing.

1) Miracle on 34th Street (1947)


The look on the right incorporates a long-sleeved dress with a detailed, collared top.  To emulate this look today, try this long-sleeved, tweed jacket with studded detail over a collared shirt like this one. Or, take a simple blouse and clasp a trendy collared necklace around your neck. Finish up the look with a skirt or black skinny pant and you’ll be set for a classy Christmas dinner or night out with family.


2) It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)


Want a modern-day version of the playful dress seen in It’s a Wonderful Life? Try this Scalloped Peplum Dress with a low heel.  The scalloped structure on the bottom of this dress layers just like the one in the film, but in a more subtle way.  This dress, from Urban Outfitters, also fits tighter around the waste and has a little sleeve, coinciding with the film version.  Wear this to a dinner or Christmas date with a pretty red bracelet for a little extra Christmas touch.



3) Gone With the Wind (1939) Christmas scene

You can take this beautiful look in Gone With the Wind and easily make it into a Christmas outfit for today.  Simply take a velvet skirt like the one seen above and pair it with an embellished short sleeve top (keep it fancier for a Christmas dinner).  The velvet from this skirt and the short-sleeved top contribute to the vintage feel of Gone With the Wind, and the embellishments on this top add a modern accent. Both of these pieces that I’ve chosen can be found at Topshop.

4) Elf (2003)


You might’ve been too busy laughing at just about every line in Elf to notice some fashion opportunities within the scenes. But actually, we can draw from this Elf look for a themed Christmas party at school or home (and just much it much less costume-y). Instead of the cropped, red top from the scene, go modern with a cropped, red blazer with a white tee underneath. Incorporate green with a green skinny pant or jean.  If you want to really get into the spirit, add a green or red hat.


It’s easy to take looks from our favorite Christmas scenes and wear them today.  By replicating a fabric or shape and tweaking it with modern accents, you’ll transform any of your favorite looks with ease.







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