I’m Shmacked ~ It’s A Movement

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I’m Shmacked ~ It’s A Movement


I’m Shmacked. Whether you have heard about this movement or not, its in Pittsburgh and they are taking over.  So what is the idea of this movement? The goal is to document the weekends of twenty of the best colleges around the United States and then create a book and feature length film. Pittsburgh stands along side the universities of Michigan State, New York University, Penn State, James Madison University, Temple, Syracuse and West Virginia as filming
Arya Toufanian and Yofray Ray are the directors, writers and producers. Shamcked has over a 500,000 YouTube views, 1109 YouTube subscribers, 10,500 Facebook likes and 3,580 followers on Twitter. Toufanian and Ray usually bring a big name artist to draw a large fan base for the movie. But due to short notice for the Pitt filming, we will have to go hard with no artist – although that shouldn’t be a problem.

As soon as I heard they were coming to Pitt via Facebook and Tweets, I jumped at the chance to work on the project. As a prospective film major, I decided to ask if there was anyway I could help and gain filming experience.  Little did I know Arya would message me saying he won’t be in Pittsburgh until Friday but needs someone to go out Thursday. Of course I agreed and met with the other cameraman for last night’s filming. It was a crazy experience. People were there to have fun and get schmacked, it was one of the best nights out and we still have three more days with “I’m Shmacked.”

So, if a little birdy or a tweet comes your way about I’m Shmacked, check them out. Represent our school in the best possible way. They will be on campus from Friday to Sunday so if you see them, wave. You never know, you could be the next superstar or the movie director. Take advantage of this opportunity and show the rest of the world that Pitt is the best in the nation!
Follow them on Twitter: @ImShmacked
Like them on Facebook: I’m Shmacked


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