10 Carry-On Travel Essentials for Spring Break

Photo courtesy of Fashion for Lunch

1. Healthy snacks

It's always good to have a few snacks handy while traveling, and you shouldn't have to be stuck with the airport's limited food options. With a little planning, you can make sure you'll have healthy options to grab on the go. I like to keep individual packets of raw almonds or Justin's almond butter, dried fruit, and a few KIND bars with me for healthy snacking.

2. Antibacterial wipes/gel

People. Airplane. Germs. Duh. Don't worry about looking crazy wiping down the entire area around your seat. At least you won't be getting sick on your vacation!

3. Water bottle

Stay hydrated when you travel. Bring a cute reusable water bottle (but make sure it's empty before going through security check!) or pick one up on the way. 

4. Headphones

These will come in handy when you want to listen to music, watch a movie, or mute the noise of the screaming baby in the row behind you on the plane.

5. Gum

You never know when you may need it or be asked for some.

6. Face wipes

Anything moisturizing or hydrating is key in your travel beauty regimens. I like to keep my face clean and clear during the flight with these facial wipes that doubles as a makeup remover and an exfoliator.

7. Lip balm + Sunscreen

You'll be glad to keep your lips from getting chapped since flying is so drying. And even if you're not spending Spring Break somewhere sunny and warm, it's important to protect your skin with sunscreen. Take care of your skin with this sunscreen lip balm that can also be applied to your entire face. It's magic.

8. A good book/magazine

Here's your chance to dive into some good reading material while you pass the time, especially if you don't normally find enough time to enjoy reading as often as you'd like to.

9. Portable charger

When you're midway through a movie or game and panic strikes because of the dwindling battery life of your electronics, your trusty portable charger will come to the rescue.

10. A journal 

You never know when inspiration hits and you need to write something down. Try keeping a travel journal to capture all your favorite memories from your trip!




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