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Chelsey Thompson, junior, is a member of Enactus (formally known as SIFE), which is a business group on campus.

Enactus stands for entrepreneurial, action, us. It is an organization that has students go around the community and use business concepts to help out. During the spring semester, a group of Enactus students go to a competition to show how their team has affected the community positively. There are flyers for the group all over Rich Hall.

 “I joined Enactus because I wanted to get more involved on campus and it looks good on your resume. It also gives me some more business experience outside of class,” says Chelsey.

She is part of a team that works with Pathfinder Bank and helps teach high school students and COM 210 classes on financial subjects like retirement funds and loan information.

At first, Chelsey began as a business administration major, but switched to accounting and also has a minor in economics.

“I started out as a business administration major but it felt too broad for me and I wasn't too interested in it,” she says. “I've always loved math so accounting really interests me and I love doing it. I picked up an economics minor because I've done really well in my economics classes and it's a mentally stimulating subject which I enjoy.”   

In her free time, the Bronx, N.Y., native is a normal college student. She does homework, listens to music, watches football and goes to ice hockey games. She also enjoys playing the piano, reading and hanging out with friends.

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