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Color Me Rad 5k

Collegiettes cheer as they are "color bombed" crossing the finish line at the Color Me Rad 5k in Eugene on April 13th.

The Colorful Aftermath

Runners covered in color congregate after crossing the finish line.

Color Bomb

During the Color Me Rad 5k, runners are covered with colored corn starch at 4 different sections in the race.

Corn Starch Color

A view of the color bombs.

Colored Collegiettes

HCO advice columnist Jessica Crossley and fellow collegiette show off their colors after the race.

Colored Kim

HCO writer Kimberly Chin gets a color bomb right to her face.

Color Explosion

Runners revel in one last color explosion.

Color Cloud

HCO editor in chief Rebecca Gibson, events team member Jordan McDonnell, writer and photographer Piper Criscola, and writer Kimberly Chin jump into a cloud of color after the race.

Color Me Rad 5k