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So, HCers, the year is drawing to a close and everyone is shoving finals out of their mind to focus on one thing: summer. Everyone’s got their summer setbacks, be they tackling a three month internship, or getting to the beach enough. But my problem? Exercise. Now this may be counterintuitive to most, because you’re always running around. But every once in a while I tend to veg out. When the summer sun rolls around, sometimes I just have to lounge on the couch, watch Big Brother, and kick it with some chips and the air conditioning. Let me tell you my plan to get fit this summer!

1.     The first step of GTL- GYM!
Planet Fitness, World Gym, and several other locations office college student packages that give discounts and special packages for college students that can’t do a whole yearlong membership. If they don’t advertise it, ask!

2.     Swimsuit Season
This is the time to grab your bikini and your best friends and head to the sandy shores. Organize an impromptu beach volleyball tournament or relay race, your friends—and your glutes!—will thank you.

3.     Gamers Galore
There’s nothing I like better than getting my entire group together and have a Kinect or Wii competition to work off some calories. Most fun way to work it!

4.     Dance!
Grab some buddies, or have a solo sesh. Blast some pop or punk and kick your legs til you can’t breathe. This is the fastest way to get a quality workout in while enjoying your favorite jams, and I promise the time will fly.

5.     Stretch!
You know the amazing 50 minute aerobic classes they offer at Alumni Field House throughout the year? Make your own! Find a time of the week when all of your girls can get together and put on your own pilates. Or see if you can find something locally, check out the paper or Craigslist to see if there are some cheap classes in your neck of the woods.

These tips are just for you guys, because if you can’t keep your body up over the summer, we all know those Oneonta hills are going to kick your butt in the fall. Happy summer!

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