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Oneonta Features

Work Your Way to a Healthy Summer!

By Kristen Lanski
May 9, 2011 - 8:13pm

So, HCers, the year is drawing to a close and everyone is shoving finals out of their mind to focus on one thing: summer. Everyone’s got their summer setbacks, be they tackling a three month internship, or getting to the beach enough. But my problem? Exercise. Now this may be counterintuitive to most, because you’re always running around. But every once in a while I tend to veg out. When the summer sun rolls around, sometimes I just have to lounge on the couch, watch Big Brother, and kick it with some chips and the air conditioning. Let me tell you my plan to get fit this summer! READ MORE

DORM DEALS: Add some zest to your room for $50 or less!

By Kristen Lanski
May 2, 2011 - 1:26pm

In a furniture funk? Spice it up next semester! I recommend trying a whole new style to make your home away from home feel like… well… home! A whole new take on your living situation can be just what you need for a great hangout, a study retreat, or just your own sanctuary from the stressors of being your glamorous self! MODERN ZEN
This artsy wall clock is soothing and super cute. Toss it on your wall and you’ll always know the time. For relaxation, comfort is key. These squishy pillows are ten dollars and prevent nasty neck cramps while squinting over a textbook.

Waiting for Washers-- What to Wear and When!

By Kristen Lanski
April 26, 2011 - 4:30pm

HCers, are you ready for part two? It feels funny writing so much about clothes, until you realize how much of a staple they are. Fashion is a big part in the lives of most collegiettes™, so why not treat your outfits with care? I usually end up doing about two loads a week… I’ll admit I brought almost my entire closet to school with me! But I had no idea how easy it can be to take care of my stuff! Firstly, did you know that most of your clothes don’t require constant laundry? I have the terrible habit of wearing a pair of jeans once, tossing them on the floor before bed, and then throwing it all in the basket for cleaning. Turns out, lots of your favorite garments can withstand any number from two to six wears before you need to consider cleaning it!...

Waiting for Washers-- The Plight of a Clean-Clothed Collegiette™

By Kristen Lanski
April 11, 2011 - 12:00am

Living in a FYE (First Year Experience) building this year as a freshman has certainly been… interesting. Although most of my experiences have been really positive, there’s one thing that drives me crazy—Laundry. Now let’s be honest, it seems like a silly topic, but you know it’s not.  It’s a time commitment, it’s a competition, it’s an obligation. READ MORE

The Finest Feeds: The best blogs to frequent

By Kristen Lanski
April 3, 2011 - 8:00pm

So, HCers, this week I was a little bit stuck on finding a topic to share with you guys. I searched for some inspiration with my friends and classmates, but nothing really stuck. To let it sink in a little, I turned to my default boredom and procrastination activity: browsing my Google Reader. READ MORE

SUCO In Session: What Should I Take?

By Kristen Lanski
March 28, 2011 - 12:38am

Registration—fast approaching, right? It’s definitely getting to be that stressful time of year. But no worries, choosing classes can be quick and painless. Even it’s your first semester at Oneonta, or your last, there’s no reason not to have a good time on the way to that grad cap. With some inquiry and research, I drummed up some fascinating and pretty easy courses that can spice up your semester, while also cutting you a little slack! PHED 205: The Media and College Sports
Studies the relationship between the media and athleticism at the college level. Great for anyone interested in communications, physical education, or just sports in general. Taught by Pausewang, it takes place in the Fall semester, 6:00-8:30 on Wednesday nights....

Cultural Spotlight!

By Kristen Lanski
March 21, 2011 - 12:00am

In honor of the tragedy and perpetual suffering the people of Japan are facing, I wanted to reflect a bit on their culture and the way they live their lives. Humans live so differently all across the globe, the only thing we can do is embrace others’ cultures and try to see what it’s like to experience life in a totally different way.  But maybe we’re a little more similar than we might think…
Ramen noodles, a college staple, are extremely popular in Japan and years of training are required to become an expert at creating the broth.
Remember Full House, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Boy Meets World? We all watched theses hits when we were younger. They’re all currently shown in Japan with increasing popularity.

March (Movie) Madness

By Kristen Lanski
March 14, 2011 - 12:00am

Lazy Sunday, wake up in the late afternoon… and figure out what to do all day! As you may have been able to tell from my last article, I’m stuck with a bit of a Mid-Semester Slump. The March mush—depressing brownish piles of snow--- might be getting to me. I’ve been daydreaming, waiting for warm sunshine and the chance to lie out between classes. So this Sunday, after I had tackled everything due for Monday, I decided to relax in the best way I knew how. Cozying up in my dorm and watching some simple, guilty pleasure movies. Elf
I know it’s not Christmas, but I just can’t help it. This movie is single-handedly the best Christmas movie of the millennium, in my humble opinion. (The timeframe doesn’t allow for the one that makes me feel even guiltier,...

Vacation Aspirations

By Kristen Lanski
March 8, 2011 - 1:00pm

Over the wonderful Snow Day, when I knew I should’ve been studying, I may or may not have ended up lounging in my bed snacking and watching TV. I knew it was wrong, but relaxing just felt so right :) Instead of finalizing my Psych notes, I ended up daydreaming about Spring Break and how nice it would be to escape from the weather for a day. So here are my favorite ideas for a fun, much-needed getaway. READ MORE

Horoscope Scoop

By Kristen Lanski
February 28, 2011 - 12:00am

Here's the thing-- everyone's heard about the Horoscope drama, but never fear: it turns out, the "new rules" of horoscopes don't really apply to those of us in Western Culture. However, tons of collegiettes check their daily predictions religiously. So I thought I'd check out this hobby, and give a little summary on your horoscope sign!
What's your sign?