DORM DEALS: Add some zest to your room for $50 or less!

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In a furniture funk? Spice it up next semester! I recommend trying a whole new style to make your home away from home feel like… well… home! A whole new take on your living situation can be just what you need for a great hangout, a study retreat, or just your own sanctuary from the stressors of being your glamorous self!

This artsy wall clock is soothing and super cute. Toss it on your wall and you’ll always know the time.

For relaxation, comfort is key. These squishy pillows are ten dollars and prevent nasty neck cramps while squinting over a textbook.

To keep your feet warm in the tough Oneonta weather, this Flokati rug covers your room with leisurely comfort after a long day.

This organic pillow says volumes about what’s important to you—fresh and sweet, this find is only twenty dollars!

These earthy vine decals are sure to stick with no trouble. They liven up the space and are easy to peel off, too!

To show off your glam side, take a look at this classic wall piece that inspires beauty. It’s only 24.99 and breathes life into your room!

We all know that classic game—Twister. This version is hip and updated and perfect for a small space!

This adorable alarm clock is only ten bucks! For a steal, you get a pop of pink and assurance that you’ll get up in time for your 9 am- because it’s got extra loud settings to take you right out of dreamland.

Okay, this clever little gadget blew my mind. So simple, how didn’t anyone think it up before? It’s a device that slips over the plug to your cell phone charger with a piece sticking out with your phone to rest on. No tripping over cables, accidently unplugging, or popping the charger out of the phone. So cool!

Update the look of your room with these little touches—they don’t take up a ton of space and they’re pretty cheap! You can go into your fall semester with a whole new décor on a budget!

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