A letter to incoming freshmen from a freshman who is on her way out

By Ella McIlvain

A letter to incoming freshmen from a freshman who is on her way out

If you are a Senior and coming into your final weeks before you graduate from high school savor those times and get excited. The summer before freshman year is exciting, busy, and nervous all at the same time. There is so much to get organized before you are moving into your dorm in mid August. It’s a really cool time and it goes by fast so take it in and breathe and know that a absolutely amazing year is ahead of you so try to not sweat it to much. I feel like it was honestly just yesterday when I was beginning to gather things together for school, ahh it's such a fun time of life. I know people say that college is the best years of your life and it may sound all cliche but in all seriousness like wow it truly is a special time and i'm so excited for you incoming freshman. The time really does fly, like I said it feels like just yesterday me and my roommate were awkwardly trying to become friends and take on the new college world together. There is so much packed into your first year of college as you are in a whole new phase of life out on your own from your family and in charge of your own time. There are so many amazing opportunities that will be available to you at school and you should try things out and see what you like. The best time for that is the first couple weeks of school when all the campus has to offer is basically on display for you to see and you can explore things you may want to get involved in. A great perk is most everyone is afraid and doesn't know anyone either so you all are in the same boat and that's when you can meet some really great people. The first semester is a lot at once as you are meeting new friends, getting involved, taking new classes, and getting a feel for your new college life. It is a growing and learning process that is so cool and amazing, and you and your friends and family will notice your growth it’s pretty fascinating and makes you feel good. Then by the time you go home for winter break your sad and shocked to go back to your home life and it feels a little odd because you can feel the shift that yes that's your home but it’s different you feel like a visitor. When you go back for second semester you are itching to get back. The spring semester flies by like insanely fast. I think this is because at this point you are in a grove and are familiar and comfortable 100% now. It feels very independent as you have completed a semester of classes and made it through and at this point you are into your activities and into your friends you have a ‘life’ you have created in your new suto home for four years and that feels good. Campuses in the springtime I think thrive they are just popping with people and activities. At Ole Miss it’s baseball season, spring break, and spring parties all accompanied with warmer weather and flowers blooming. People just get excited and out and active. Through all the fun and freedom the year quickly comes to a close it is like all of the sudden it's dawning on finals week and your housing department is sending you emails saying you have to be moved out twenty four hours after. It is really sad because you are so used to and comfortable with your routine, friends, dorm and more. I don’t like change to much so for me it is super odd to like ‘move’ back home and then next year as a sophomore go move in somewhere else. I began taking down some things in my room and sending some stuff back home and the room is slowly feeling different and empty. I 100% loved and adored by freshman year and as the last few days of the semester come I am taking in every moment until I go back home. I think every year will be great in its own respect and feel each year is a different phase within one chapter of college life but no one will be the same. I hope all incoming freshmen absolutely thrive and totally enjoy their first year because I know I did and I

would do it again. I will probably cry when I leave because it won't be the same when Im back next year it’s bitter sweet. It feels like the best summer camp where you like go to classes and it actually affects your future life but like all in all it’s like a summer camp for young adults plus academic influence. Feeling those freshman forever vibes. The first year of college is unique and so special take it for all it’s worth, soak it in.

#Freshman Forever I love you, Ella McIlvain

Sarah Smith is a junior at the University of Michigan, Class of 2012, majoring in Communication Studies and Political Science. She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Forum, Michigan's Greek Life Newspaper, and the secretary of Michigan's chapter of Ed2010. Sarah is also an active member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, and she currently serves Michigan's Panhellenic Association as the Vice President of Public Relations.  A native of Sterling Heights, MI, she has been a Michigan fan since birth and loves spending Saturday mornings cheering on her Wolverines. Some of her favorite things include The Office, Audrey Hepburn, women's magazines, and microwave popcorn - preferably with lots of butter and salt!

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