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Matt Hawkins starts his days like most college students. He stumbles into the kitchen and makes a cup of coffee in his beloved Keurig. “Before I have my coffee, I am basically a zombie,” Hawkins said. However, Hawkins is not an average student. He is a leader on the University of Oklahoma’s campus.
As the 2010-2012 president and captain of the University of Oklahoma lacrosse team, Matt, or “Hawk” as his teammates call him, helps lead his team both on and off the field. On his decision to join the team as a sophomore, Matt said, “it just kind of happened. Now I have a real passion for it and can’t imagine not having this be a part of my experience at OU.” Hawkins said he has learned a lot from lacrosse and it has helped build character. He has also met many of his friends because he joined the team.
So, what exactly is the deal with having two titles? “Well, the president role is more for the club aspect of the team,” Hawkins explains. “The captain role is something earned on the field.” 
His role as a leader on the team goes beyond games and practices. The team spends time teaching the elements of the game to youth lacrosse teams in the Edmond, Okla., area. The teams they help get to play at half time during OU games, which has an impact on both the young boys and their older mentors. The lacrosse team is also currently organizing a camp for young lacrosse players next spring.
Matt is also very busy off the playing field. He spent the summer travelling to Italy as part of the University of Oklahoma’s Journey to Italy program. Since he plans on graduating in the spring with a degree in microbiology, Matt is working on his applications for physical therapy school. Aside from his hard work, he is having an awesome senior year and he is planning a backpacking trip to the Appalachians with his friends.
Matt is also gifted musically. His roommates frequently walk in on Matt playing with his guitar in the living room to avoid studying. “I wish I had more time to just enjoy playing music,” Matt said.
Hawkins says when he is feeling stressed, he thinks about his trip to the beaches of Cinque Terre, Italy. Since he is a college student and can’t afford a ticket to the Mediterranean any time he needs a little get away, Matt enjoys going to the balcony on top of the Devon Energy building on campus to clear his head.
Matt, a Texas native and sports enthusiast, spends most of his free time cheering on the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Mavericks. “The Mavs were in the playoffs when I was in Italy and I would stay up half the night to find out if they won,” he said. “Right now I am really focused on the Rangers. My roommates and I even have confetti my parents saved me from a World Series game last season on our coffee table.”
Matt’s advice to students starting out at the University of Oklahoma is to join something. “It doesn’t matter what it is, a fraternity, club, sport, whatever,” he said. “You will meet so many people you wouldn’t cross paths with otherwise. It could be where you meet some of your best friends”
“You only live once, so do stuff. If the opportunity presents itself, and there is any possibility you will regret it if you don’t, do it,” Hawk said. “You will be surprised on the things you will learn.”

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