All American Wrestler Jarrod Patterson

As a part of our wrestling week theme, this week's campus celeb is none other than All-American wrestler Jarrod Patterson. Jarrod made it to the NCAA championships last year and placed 7th in that tournament. Fellow wrestler Nolan McBryde suggested Jarrod to be our celeb this week although, as you can see, he could definitely double as the cutie (clearly there are perks of being friends with the HC writers, like picking what you're featured as, haha). We did a quick Q&A with Jarrod, so look it over and get to know him! Also, you can see him in action TONIGHT at the Red-White Dual in the McCasland Field House at 7pm! Check our events page for more details!
Name: Jarrod Patterson
Age: 21
Major: Criminology
Grad year:  Junior
Hometown: Cushing, OK
Claim to fame:  Wrestling (he's being modest, he earned an All-American honors last season as a sophomore! His final ranking for the 2010-2011 season was #7 in the nation, and the OU team named him "most improved")
How long have you been wrestling?  I have been wrestling since I was 5.  With my father being the high school wrestling coach, I didn’t really have much of a choice.
What does it take to get to where you are now?:  Much much practice!!
You're an All-American Wrestler and were named to the All-Academic team for Big 12 & the National Coaches Wrestling Association, how do you keep a balance in your life? Well with wrestling and school there is not much of a personal life during the season.  Although, I try to makeup for lost time in the off season.
Hobbies: I like to fish, hunt, and play disc golf every chance I get.
Favorite thing about OU: Probably the school pride.
Recipe for success? What would you advise other students to do?: Wrestling has taught me that hard work will eventually pay off.  I Believe everyone is good at something, it’s just how hard someone is willing to work to improve that measures their success.
Why should people come to the Red-White Dual today? Wrestling needs all the fan support we can get, and red and white ranking match is a good way to support all the wrestlers.
Last thoughts for HC readers?  SUPPORT SOONER WRESTLING!!!