OK State Bucket List


                  As a senior I have am having many sentimental thoughts. I’ve been looking back on the fun I have had and the opportunities I have been given. I have compiled a list of must-dos on OK State’s campus. I call it my college bucket list. So from a May 2013 graduate to May 2016, 2015,2014 classes and many other graduating classes to come, enjoy your time at OK State and don’t take life too seriously.

  1. Stand on the standing bush (where is this?)
  2. Do a bar crawl on the Strip
  3. Have a late night Dirty Curty
  4. Lie to get out of the Student Union parking garage fee
    1. I lost my ticket, I promise I have only been here 30 minutes
    2. I was doing something with a campus organization
  5. Drink a fishbowl at Fuzzy’s
  6. Go to Eskimo Joe’s on a Thursday night
  7. Sneak into an apartment’s hot tub
  8. Play Bingo at Louie’s on Wednesday night
  9. Make sure to have a picture of the orange fountain
  10. Go to the bell tower of the library (they open it up during Homecoming week)
  11. Go to Walkaround
  12. Take wine tasting
  13. Sing to the Alma Mater at a football game
  14. Two-step at Outlaws
  15. Sing closing song at Murphy’s
  16. Be on look –out for Coach Gundy running through campus
  17. Also, be on lookout for OK States first lady, Ann Hargis, giving students rides to class on her golf cart
  18. Swim at the pool at the Colvin
  19. Play intramurals
  20. Scream “so true” during the Alma Mater
  21. Learn the back roads they save you tons of time
    1. Ninth St. has barely any stoplights, much quicker than Sixth St.
    2. Lakeview is never busy
  22. Hide your alcohol, candles, etc. during dorm room checks
  23. Visit the Main St. body piercing studio, the owner is a character
  24. Do a class at the Colvin
  25. Lay in the sauna at the Colvin
  26. Feed the ducks at Theta pond.
  27. Go to Lake Carl Blackwell to look at the stars or build a fire and have smores
  28. Attend Calf Fry

I am a senior at Oklahoma State University. My major is Multimedia Journalism with a minor in leadership. I aspire to be a news anchor or work for a fashion magazine, I am honestly open to any kind of journalism though. I am the Her Campus correspondent for OSU. I interned for News on 6 in Tulsa, Okla this summer and I loved every second of it. Basically, I am just a fun-loving girl who loves her friends and family. The only expectations I have for the future is to be happy.

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