Open Letter to Recovering Netflix Binge Watcher


Dear Netflix Binge-Watcher,

        My name is KC Beclay and I am a Netflix binge watcher. I am finally able to admit that I have a problem and after many sleepless nights and procrastination I realized that I needed a solution to my obsession with Netflix shows. One Tree Hill started this downhill spiral and then came Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and the other 13 other series that fed my obsession. I am embarrassed to say that I probably wasted months of my life watching these shows and to wonder what I could have accomplished with my time if I had not spent it all with my head shoved into my laptop screen. As many Netflix shows that I actually fell in love with, there are also many Netflix shows that I low key hate but continue to watch. Why you ask? It all started when I realized that I could no longer afford to waste countless hours watching Netflix, so then I decided to implement my master plan for recovering from my obsession and that was simply watching less interesting, riveting and overall great shows. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it works and you will be thanking me later when you start using this same exact strategy. By watching not so good shows, I am able to lay in my bed and relax for one hour, as well as maintaining my tv show obsession. I decided after many shows of putting this theory to test that I would share with you all my discovery and to hopefully allow you all to be recovering Netflix binge watchers as well. Here is my list of must have mediocre shows that will keep you going when you just need a little taste of Netflix.

1.     Charmed

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Yes, I know this may sound crazy and ridiculous, but I swear it’s good enough to watch. If you are into witches, demons and anything spooky, this is the show for you. There is a little bit of romance and tons of action, but not too much where you can’t turn your laptop off. Plus, you get a little insight into 90’s fashion which oddly enough includes tons and tons of chokers. * Disclaimer * the theme song is super obnoxious so I suggest you skip through that.

2.     Hart of Dixie

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This one is perfect for anyone who loves a great love triangle. This show follows the life of a snotty wannabe surgeon who moves to a small town in Alabama in search of a medical practice that was left to her by a random man who attended her college graduation? Yeah, that really is what happens and I know it is a mouth full, but the story line is always interesting. Although it’s a little corny at times, it gets the job done. This show will leave you ready to close your laptop after one episode, trust me on that.

3.     Dawson’s Creek

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Just as Pacey said, “when you like somebody, proximity is a good thing” and the same applies to Netflix. Sometimes you have to keep your distance and this show will definitely allow you to accomplish that. Dawson’s creek is most definitely an oldie and somewhat a goodie. This show from the 1980’s was critically acclaimed at the time, but in comparison to the other great shows out there, this one is definitely mediocre. There is the infamous Joey, Pacey and Dawson love triangle, but it does not get juicy until the latter seasons. I highly recommend falling asleep to this one before bed.

4.     Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce

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At first glance you may be thinking that ‘this show can’t be that bad, right?’ Well, you are partially right. This show would be PERFECT for a mother in her 40’s, but for a college kid? Not so much. The focus of this show is on a writer who is dealing with her high profile divorce and all the struggles that go along with it. It was interesting enough, but not very relatable for a 20-year-old girl who is worrying about finding a date to her sorority formal and is nowhere near on the divorce route. This one has some raunchy aspects that will keep you on your feet so that’s a plus as well.

5.     Heartland

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And finally, the last, and most definitely least: Heartland. As for this one, I don’t even know if I can really recommend it or even how I grudged through the season never ending seasons of this horse whisperer “drama”--if you can even call it that. Everything about this show was boring, the main character was not likeable and there was barely any romance. The most interesting thing that happened was when Amy went blind from a horse kicking her and (of course) she recovered from that as well. And yeah, I just spoiled part of it for you, but trust me you will not even make it that far, I am still in shock over how I did myself. Good luck to anyone of you that attempt to watch this show, because trust me you will be wishing you had not.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a few of my suggestions in order to hopefully get through your Netflix addictions. This isn’t a foolproof plan and some of you most definitely will remain binge watchers for life, but hey it's worth a shot and if it works maybe you will actually crawl out of your blanket cave and get a little studying in or even maybe some sunlight. I wish you all the best of luck and in the meantime I will be up watching Shameless all night.


A Still Recovering Netflix Binge-Watcher


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