My Current Favorite Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Being an animal lover, I am always conscious of buying as many cruelty free and anti-animal testing products as possible. I started researching and changing my buying habits about two years ago, and it was way easier than I thought!  Many people shy away from the idea of going cruelty free because they believe it’s too expensive or too inaccessible. Some of the products are more difficult to find, and can be on the pricier side, but there are many options that may surprise you! I wrote an article when I first started changing my buying habits (which can be found here), and two years later I wanted to share some of my new favorite products!

  1. NYX Cosmetics

It was impossible for me to just pick one of their products. NYX has become my favorite drug-store makeup brand. I have used everything from their eyeliners, lipsticks, lip-glosses, setting spray, and eyebrow pencils. And I have to say I have never been disappointed! Currently I used their Liquid Lingerie Lipstick, Buttergloss Lip-gloss, and Matte liquid eyeliner every day. What makes the company even better is none of their products test on animals, and everything is affordable!

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2. Loving Tan Tanning Mousse

For all you tanning- lovers, this will become your ultimate holy-grail fake tanner. I was a bed tanner for years, and switched to fake tanning in college because of skin health. Having worked at a tanning salon, I have tried what seems like almost every tanning product on the market. Loving Tan’s tanning mouse is by far my favorite product! It is so easy to apply, there’s no fake-tan odor, and it doesn’t get all over your clothes. It also gives you a perfect natural dark color! As you could already guess on top of all the good things, the company does not test on animals.  It is on a little bit of the pricier side if your on a budget ($39 a bottle), but from experience it is worth every penny.

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3. Anastasia Beverly Hills

This is probably my current favorite high-end makeup brand and the high-end brand I own the most of currently. If you haven’t already heard, ABH transforms your eyebrows into perfection. I use their Brow Wiz in combination with their Brow Powder Duo, and I love the result. But I also am in love with the contour kit, and liquid lipstick (which probably beats NYX’s Lingerie Liquid Lipstick). I love these products so much that I use them all on a daily basis. It is on the more expensive side since it is a high-end brand, but if you’re going to spend the money anyway why not pick a brand that is cruelty free and makes your eyebrows look like perfection!

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4. Burt’s Bees Cosmetics and Skincare

This is a company found on my original list, but still continues to be a staple for me. My original favorite holy-grail product of this company, and still continues to be one of, is their lip balm. I know many are tempted to buy cheap Chapstick brand lip balm, but Chapstick brand does test on animals, and in my opinion doesn’t work as well. But, over time, in addition to their lip balm I also have come to love their Natural Acne Solutions Pore Refining Scrub, and their Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract. I have acne prone skin that is sensitive, but I found that the combination of these two products has made a huge difference. But Burt’s has a huge selection of products to choose from, made from all natural products that are not tested on animals. It is also a brand easily accessible and can be found at almost any drug or grocery store.

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5. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

This was also a brand off of my original list, specifically for the brand’s well-known Naked Palettes. But, over time, I continued to appreciate many more of their products, specifically their setting spray. I personally use the “De-Slick” setting spray for oil control, but there are several kinds for customers to chose from. I used to use the Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray, which is found on my original list, but I found Urban Decay’s product to be much more accessible because I had to order Skindinavia online. I will say Urban Decay’s spray keeps your makeup glued to your face! It has become something I can’t live without because of how well it keeps makeup on.  Of course you are not limited to just one product because all of Urban Decay’s makeup line is cruelty free!

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6. Milani Baked Blushes

Milani has a whole line of makeup that is all cruelty free, however, I have fallen in love with their line of baked blushes. They are cheap, only around $7 for one container, and they have the potential to last a long time. The whole line has a nice color selection, and each one has the most gorgeous shimmer! Depending on the shade, some could work even as a highlight or a nice bronze glow. Their blushes are a great alternative to the more expensive high-end blushes, and can easily be found at Walmart or CVS.

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These are just a few more of my favorite cruelty free products! You can go online to find a full list of all the cruelty free options available, not only for beauty products alone, but household items as well. Even if you just start buying from one of these lines, any little bit can make a difference.

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