The Most Freshman Things Freshmen Did Opening Week

Nothing brings happiness to an upperclassman heart like spotting a freshman walking around campus the first week. It’s a form of entertainment and definitely puts you in the feels at the same time. During welcome weekend and syllabus week, my friends and I played “Spot the Freshmen,” and here’s the top 10 most obvious freshmen moves we spotted.   

1. The “I showed up to class 20 minutes early” Freshman

They’ve shown up to class chipper and excited to hear their professor explain every single detail about the semester. Not only were they super early to class, but they also had their notes out already and purchased the textbook that they might never use. Tragic. 

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2. The Clueless Freshman 

Regardless of how many times they’ve visited Athens before becoming a student, all freshmen are clueless in one way or another. This isn’t bad. In fact, it’s amazing because you’ll be so proud of how much you learn by the end of this year. From meeting tons of people, to learning where the best foods off-campus are, you’ll learn a lot. And it makes upperclassmen feel amazing when they introduce the bobkittens to O’Betty’s or slice night.

3. The Dressed Up Freshman

It’s so easy to spot freshmen on the first day of classes. It doesn’t matter if they have a 7:30, they still managed the energy to shower, put on makeup and a nice outfit that would’ve been socially accepted in high school. 

4. The Lost Freshman

It’s no shock to figure out a herd of freshmen who ask where Mill Street is located or how to get to a specific building for class. This was so innocent and cute.

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5. The Freshman that asked for TP at a frat house

No, hun, I’m sorry the guys don’t know how to refill toilet paper at almost any annex. And unfortunately, the bars don’t either. This was my favorite encounter opening weekend. Pro tip: put a wad of TP and a travel sized hand sanitizer in your purse before going out. 

6. The Freshman complaining about the dining hall 

Yes, the lines are long. Yes, the food is not the best. But you will miss it one day. 

7. The Cautious Freshman 

This is the best during intersections and crosswalks. Athens is generally one-way streets, and when someone looks both ways before crossing, it’s pretty clear they’re a newbie. Also, waiting for the crossing signal is not 100% necessary. If there are no cars, you’re probably in the clear.

8. The Freshman wearing wedges to a house party

This hurts my feet just thinking about it. Unless you’re celebrating your friends’ birthdays, sandals, high-tops and other comfortable, but fashionable, shoes are usually the move. Anyone wearing wedges opening weekend was most definitely a freshman. 

9. The Nervous Freshman 

You ever see people come into a crowded party and look around like a deer in the headlights? Yes, probably a freshman.

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10. The Wide-eyed Freshman 

This is not a terrible thing. OU seniors still have this expression on their face at times, and it’s because we love our school. All the freshmen walking around during opening weekend had these amazed looks on their face, and it makes everyone so happy to see. 






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