Little Sibs Weekend at OHIO 2017

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My experience with (little) Sibs Weekend at OHIO is something that I will remember for a long time. My brother’s excitement to see me and all of the enjoyable things we did on campus made for a memorable weekend.  I think that being away from my brother for so long made me appreciate his company that much more and made me realize how much I missed him. The two days of Sibs Weekend consisted of: 

1. Eating very large bagels at Bagel Street Deli 

2. Walking around campus and showing off Ohio University’s many beautiful brick buildings 

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3. Introducing my brother to all of my friends

4. Drinking coffee at Donkey Coffee  


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5. Feeling our hearts melt while holding warm, furry puppies in our laps at Pet Land 

6. Watching hockey players slam into each other at an OHIO hockey game  

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7. Dancing and singing loudly at a house party 

Overall, it was a weekend jam packed with things to do. However, that was not what made the biggest impact on my brother or me: it was the ability to hang out with each other one on one and take a break from school.  It was a much needed escape from reality for a couple of days and a chance for my brother to feel free and independent.  Witnessing my brother’s eyes light up as he saw the potential of becoming a Bobcat made me remember how great OHIO is. Sometimes you need to see college through a sibling’s eyes to fully understand the magic that surrounds you.

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