How I Survived Mom's Weekend Without A Mom

Anyone that goes to OU knows how big of a deal Mom’s weekend is during spring semester. It is one of the most looked forward to weekends of the semester, whether you are looking forward to seeing your mom bar hop all weekend long or if it's just to spend some quality time. Either way, every OU student loves the weekend dedicated to their moms. Unfortunately, this year my mom was not able to make it down for the weekend, which I was originally upset about, but when it comes down to it, there’s always next year and I found a way to still make it a memorable weekend without my mom! So for any of you who were unable to spend the weekend with your mom, aunt or sister, don't worry because I am right there with ya and I’m sure that just like me, you found a way to make the most of it!


(KC and Meghan, with a friend's mom, DeeDee!)

As I mentioned earlier, Mom’s Weekend is also for the mom-less and you can make it into any kind of weekend you want. Tons of my friends have had siblings, friends, and even dads come down for the occasion. In reality it is all what you make of it. I am lucky enough to have a few great friends, with even more great moms so I decided to turn my weekend into “My friend’s Mom’s Weekend”. All 3 of my friends’ moms took me in as their own and I was able to participate in the festivities all the same. We had our nights on the town at J-Bar and Overhang, as well as our dinners at Broney’s and Jackie O’s, and even our day trip to uptown at College Bookstore. The weekend was a great experience due to the people I was with and what I made out of it. I also found myself feeling a little less stressed because I did not have the pressure to make sure my own mom was having a great time. I got to live in the moment and just enjoy spending quality time with my friend’s parents. 

Mom's Weekend 4.jpg

(Kc and Meghan, with Meghan's mom, a friend and his mom, DeeDee)

This past weekend was definitely one to remember and I am so glad I had the opportunity to tag along for the Mom’s Weekend ride. Now for all of you who maybe had a similar experience or were worried about being feeling left out on this weekend, don’t, because you can still have an adventurous weekend without your mom, I know I sure did. Next year my mom most definitely will be down to experience all the hype of this legendary OU weekend, but for now this past weekend was one to live up to. I owe this weekend to all of my best friend’s amazing parents and I can’t wait to show them an even better time next year with my own mom along for the ride. Get ready for next year, mom!

Mom's Weekend 3.jpg

(Kc with her friends and her "stand-in" moms'!)

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