Chicago Networking Trip

People say the best part about college is meeting your closest friends… this is true. BUT, in my opinion, the best part about college is traveling to different states WITH those friends.

I was fortunate enough to visit Chicago this past weekend with my closest friends. I pledged a professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, this fall semester and am now an active member. One of the various opportunities I have as a member of the fraternity was a professional networking trip to Chicago.

When I learned that I had the opportunity to attend PBLI (Principled Business Leadership Institute), I knew I had to go. My best friends, AKA the other people in my pledge class, all decided that they were going as well and this made me that much more excited.

I, along with 43 other people, attended PBLI in Chicago this past weekend and had an amazing time. PBLI is an opportunity for all Alpha Kappa Psi chapters at different colleges to all come together for one weekend.

All of the chapters stayed in the Palmer House in downtown Chicago. The building was beautiful, but the memories and fun we had in it were even better.

(The hotel lobby//photo courtesy of the author)

Although it may have been a seven hour car drive (more so like nine with all the traffic), once we all arrived it was more than worth it. The hotel pretty much donated the whole seventh floor to all our chapters to get to know each other and hang out for the night. To say it was a blast is an understatement.

The next morning began the actual PBLI event in which all chapters gathered in the giant conference room in the Palmer House. We listened to various speakers talk and had the opportunity to meet a ton of new people, while gaining networking skills.

(The author and two of her business friends)

After the event ended, a giant group of us decided to tour the city. We saw the famous Bean and hundreds of pictures because, duh, photo op. The park surrounding the Bean was also a great sight to see.

(The author and her friends in front of 'The Bean')

We headed to lunch afterwards and had a great time there as well. Shopping in Chicago is a whole new experience. A bit like New York, but a little bit more relaxing and calm. The American Girl Doll Store was an absolute must and I know that I felt like a little girl there again. The H&M was only (ONLY) four floors, so that was totally cool as well.

The night ended in our whole fraternity meeting up for a nice pizza dinner. If you haven’t been to Chicago and if you have never tried deep dish pizza, you must.

I had a wonderful time in the Windy City, and I know that I wouldn’t have appreciated this experience as much if it weren’t for my best friends. Thank you Chi-Town!

(Chicago streets//photo courtesy of the author)

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