Best Ways To Excel At Your Summer Internship

Whether you’re working from home, driving down the road to a local business or flying across the country to live in an environment filled entirely with strangers, one thing is universal: you want to be the best intern you can. Staying ahead of the game and going above and beyond is extremely important, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

This summer I’m spending my time working virtually from home and getting the opportunity to travel with La Forma. In only a month I’ve grasped some of these tricks in order to make the best out of my experience and summer.

1. Don’t look at your responsibilities as a chore. 

Odds are if you’re given extra tasks or asked to assist in a different area of work than originally assigned, it’s not a punishment. Working diligently everyday and being flexible shows you’re a go getter, not just an intern counting down the hours they have to complete before they’re free. Be open to the opportunities - you’ll learn a lot and create more connections too. 

2. Be friendly… these people might have the biggest impact in your future career.

Get to know the people you’re working with and don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Becoming friends with your co-workers, especially other interns your age, is an excellent way to give your work an upbeat vibe. Getting comfortable with the people you’ll see most makes it a little easier and makes your overall experience more fun! 

  3. Understand that most mentorships come naturally.    It might be a boss, an assistant manager or even someone higher up in the company, but if they see a future in you they will push you. They’ll want to guide you because they see your potential. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for their advice and don’t be too afraid to give an honest opinion if asked.

4. Speak up.    If you have an idea, do not let everyone sit in a room full of awkward silence. You’re a bright person, even if you are at the bottom of the todempoll. You don’t have to understand and know everything to come up with an idea here and there that could make a huge difference in your experience and the company. Learning to have a say makes you more valuable to your company and most times you earn respect in return.

5. Don’t lose sight of outside activities.    Many people think working harder means more success, but it’s important to be happy too. Make time for your friends, family, adventuring around that new city or taking time to relax. Make a set schedule for yourself and try to spend time after work and on the weekends for yourself. Using your time wisely keeps your brain fresh and more motivated to complete tasks every day. 

6. Keep your body healthy.    You might be working hard during the week, but don’t forget to workout several times a week. If that means running before heading in or taking up a yoga class one night a week, do it. Packing healthy snacks and keeping water bottles at your work zone helps keep you fueled for day too. Keeping good care of your body means you’ll be more productive and happier overall because you will feel much better. It just makes sense.   

7. Learn from your experience and take something away from it.    Don’t push through the summer mindlessly. Take everything in and remember what you liked, or didn’t like, about certain parts of your internship. This can be anything from the type of work you did to the environment and types of people working with you. If you hated what you did, try and think about what could’ve gone better or what you want to look into more before accepting a job offer next time. You’re learning about your profession, but you’re also learning about yourself.

Everyone has a different experience, even at the same company. I’ve personally learned that I like a variety of tasks and working with a team, but some people might have hated it. Don’t be afraid to look into the company, atmosphere, specific job descriptions and all other concerns most people face. Being happy and upbeat about your day to day work has an impact on you and your co-workers. Odds are you’ll be working for a long time to come, so you might as well enjoy the experiences that come along.













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