This Is For All The Coffee Shop Lovers At Ohio University

Love you a whole latte. These words are the last thing you see when exiting the newly renovated Front Room coffee shop at Ohio University. I don’t know about you, but coffee for me is like getting a hug in a mug, so a good coffee shop is always an important thing to have in my life.  Thus, I had to check out Front Room’s new renovations for myself.

As I stood in line to order my drink, I was in awe at the well-done white and brown tile flooring and the new rustic look that the new drink bar has. The Mason jar-looking lights and brown wood siding tie everything together. The new furniture makes for a warm cozy feel. There are also more booths and lounge chairs in comparison to the old Frontroom coffee shop.

However, Front Room still has regular wooden chairs with small tables as well. It makes for both a comfortable place to go and talk with friends and a place where you can order a drink and get down to business. I know that I will definitely be curling up in one of the lounge chairs and writing some poetry as I drink my coffee.  

Not only is the furniture on point, but when you look at the walls around Front Room, you can see a new addition of stunning photographs taken by photojournalism majors at Ohio University. This adds more interest to the room and is a great way to show off the talent that OU Bobcats have.

All in all, Front Room’s new aesthetic and comfortable furniture make for a warm and positive environment. If you ever feel like you need a pick me up and want to visit someplace new, definitely stop by Front Room and enjoy the new renovations.


A passionate storyteller

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