8 Things Freshmen Experience Their First Weeks at Ohio University

Original article by Hannah Moskowitz.

While every freshmen loves to act like they are prepared for college, everybody knows that high school does not prepare them for this completely new lifestyle away from the comfort of their home town. This is a list of 8 things that myself and just about every freshman has experienced these first few weeks at Ohio University.   

1. Unable to Handle “Syllabus Week” The excitement of syllabus week knowing that you will not have any homework is a lie. Syllabus week lasted for the first 5 minutes of class and then promptly ended as notes on the first chapter began. Going into the first week of the semester believing that there would be no homework ended by being pushed into reality with 75 pages of notes due by the next class.

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2. Confused at Dining Halls At Bobcat Student Orientation, there is no course on how the dining halls actually work. Not only are the lines confusing, but you are most definitely in everyone’s way. To top it off, you might even have to face the challenge of sitting alone for a meal. It is not until the third or fourth week that there is a level of comfort knowing how the dining halls run.

3. Roommate Disagreements It is inevitable for there to be tension when living with someone if you are used to your own space or do not know the person very well. While most conflicts can be resolved, there is always going to be a new student who cannot adjust to the new living arrangement and moves to a single dorm within the first weeks. 

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4. Hills, Hills and More Hills While freshmen have toured the campus before, it is a whole different experience having to walk up the hills everyday to go to class. Leg pain like never before is experienced, but by the end of the semester, there will be some killer calves on campus. Or you may even find the “secret” elevator in Glidden Hall to avoid the ominous Jeff Hill!

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5. Getting Lost Everybody gets lost. Whether it is finding a building or a specific classroom, if the campus map has not been memorized, it will be a challenge. In the process, hidden spots on campus might be found such as the green space behind McCracken Hall, a favorite study spot in Alden or even shortcuts like using the escalators in Baker.

6. First Rain Storm When it rains, it pours. No longer can you walk from class to class in the safety of your high school building, now you have to walk in the rain. Note: the bricks are slippery when wet and I did fall and slip multiple times.

7. First Exam That first college exam is terrifying. The fear builds up as the date approaches, but when it actually happens, it really is not that bad. With proper studying and focus, the exam is a breeze (hopefully...shoutout to my chemistry and biology majors who have hard exams).

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8. First College Party While not all freshmen experience this, a wide majority do. Whether it is welcome weekend or any weekend following, there are always going to be parties. Personally, the first experience is a strange one when you do not know many people. As the semester continues, freshmen can figure out if the “party scene” is for them, but they will always be “the freshmen” at the party.

Soon enough, a new group of freshmen will be welcomed to campus and have these same experiences their first weeks at Ohio University.  








A second-year student at Ohio University, Hannah Moskowitz is majoring in the news and information journalism track at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. During her time there, she is president, campus correspondent and writes for Her Campus. She was a member of JFresh 9 where she learned techniques in multimedia storytelling. In her free time, she writes for her personal blog: www.hannahmeetsworld.com as well as contributes to Buzzfeed as a community member.

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