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Name: Sam Probert

Hometown: London

Degree: French, Spanish & Business

Year: 4th

Campus Involvement: Week One rep and Drum & Bass Soc treasurer in 2nd year

Dream Job: Selling coconuts on a remote island in the pacific

Personal Claim to Fame: I've got a personal letter from David Attenborough and a card from Renee Zellweger. I also featured on an Italian rugby TV documentary too!

Fun Fact: I'm quadrilingual 

Most Embarassing Uni Moment: I was so keen the few weeks before uni that I kept writing 'banter' on my halls Facebook group!

Where Can You Be Found on a Friday Night?: Stealth

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Maddie studies American Studies at the University of Nottingham and is in her 4th year. She joined the Her Campus team on her year abroad at University of Illinois as a social media intern and now she and Anna are excited to open the University of Nottingham's chapter this September.