Life Advice Blog: Going Fishing For Men


I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have been a part of or overheard a conversation with “well I really wanted to get him with but...” Well ladies, its time to make your own luck. Going out on the pull or ‘tashing on’ as the Geordies would say, is not a man’s game nor is this a man’s world – its time to change the game. Going fishing is easy – just get your rod, fling it into Ocean and reel in your catch. Eye on the prize. If you want to get with someone, you can make it happen. Many would say a handbag is a woman’s number one accessory – WRONG  - it’s your confidence! I’m not saying you are going to find your husband in the club, but you can definitely get a smooch if you follow a few of my simple rules.


Number 1Getting ready – Remember you are FIT.  No matter what shape or size you may be, you have to love yourself if someone else is going to love you (or stick their tongue down your throat!) Therefore, you must LOVE what you are wearing. Even if your mother’s uncle’s brother’s Siamese twin says you look good and you don’t feel it, then change! Remember, you are the fittest person in Nottingham – say it, feel it, believe it!


Number 2Getting ready, phase 2 – The last thing you do before you leave your room is look yourself in the mirror and declare, “I am sexy!”


Number 3‘Fresh’ – Before you step out that front door, pick up your pack of Extra spearmint gum! Nobody wants to smell the curry you had for dinner babes! #ThinkMINT


Number 4 Don’t get too drunk! You don’t need to be completely schwasted to get the man of your desire. The amount of times I’ve seen or heard of girls rolling around in their own vomit professing their unreciprocated love. Get a grip – vomit is unattractive and so is sloppiness.


Number 5‘The way in’ – You my friends are the bait. I can’t bear to watch the girls stand in the same place and bop up and down whilst looking around the room. Looking at someone is not enough. Don’t assume you are having ‘eye sex’ as the guy is probably completely oblivious. Lay your cards on the table – don’t fear rejection, most men are easy! Remember you snooze you lose! The best approach is no approach, just go for it and talk to them. It’s the 21st century – there’s nothing wrong and everything right with a girl going up to a guy, knowing exactly what you want – a big fat kiss.


Number 6‘The Finale’ – Now this ladies, is up to you. I’ve given you the way in, now just be you. It’s each to their own in this case. However, don’t be afraid to strut your stuff, show your confidence and engage in casual conversation. Men aren’t that scary; ask them how their night is going? Perhaps, tell them how big their biceps are or how wonderful their jawline is! Casual touching is implied. Just relax, talk and be flirty – there’s not much it in. Remember, if it doesn’t work out with that particular guy, there’s plenty more fish in the sea!


Happy smooching!

You can thank me later




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