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Game Day Toms: Crafty Edition
We're heading to Miami so you can ditch your boots and the Sout Bend perma-cloud for some summer shoes once again. 
You're on your feet for up to 8 hours during a game day and I've
found the best solution for comfy feet are Toms. You're probably thinking
though, "I don't want to be some basic chic in just any pair of Toms." Well
I've got your solution and it's one of my top secrets for looking original
during a tailgate.
I've over heard a lot of people saying I saw Lexi Lorenzo wearing
Notre Dame Toms, so I went and tried to buy Notre Dame Toms. Well
while that may be an exaggeration it is true that pre-bought ND Toms
just don't exist, while a lot of people think I got them store bought they're
actually just painted!
My biggest recommendation is to just use an old pair that look a little
worn out, that way they will look brand new when finished and also already
be broken in. If you don't have an old pair they sell toms at Urban across
the street. Next, go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels (both on Grape Rd.) and
pick acrylic paint colors that you want to use. While you're there also don't
forget to pick up paintbrushes. Now this is where you can get creative and
paint anything ND related you want on your Toms. Just keep in mind to
to apply the paint in as few and thin layers as possible, which will prevent
cracking in the future. I've been able to even stick my painted Toms in the
wash after a particularly long tailgating session and they look brand new
(just don't put them in the dryer).
If you're just not a crafty person but are still dying for a pair you can
always go to Etsy. On Etsy you can either send in your old pair or buy a
new pair and someone will paint the exact design you want. This option is
much more pricey though than DIY and not as fetch as creating your own
ND Toms.

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